[HUF] Tempo scaduto per la conferma partecipazione

  • From: SystemFAILURE BioHazard <root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: huf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 16:19:16 +0100

Come detto un mese fa , il 15 Novembre (oggi) e' appena scaduto il tempo
dato 1 mese fa per confermare la partecipazione ad Hackers United Force
. Da questo momento *NON* accetteremo ulteriori partecipazioni salvo in
presenza di casi in cui il gruppo sia d'accordo nell'ammettere eventuali
altri membri .

Segue la lista dei 9 membri della Hackers United Force (
http://www.hackers-uf.org/members.php ) ::

# members
Nick: SystemFAILURE BioHazard
Name: N/A
Role: Founder
Bio: C++ developer , lover of technology .
Email: root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Link: http://www.hackers-uf.org/systemfailure-biohazard/

Nick: sydarex
Name: Francesco Ciraci'
Role: Co-Founder
Bio: Italian ITIS student . Develops with PHP , Python , C++ and is
interested mainly by web applications security , networking and data
processing .
Email: sydarex@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Link: http://www.hackers-uf.org/sydarex/

Nick: R00T[ATI]
Name: Simone Q .
Role: Member
Bio: PHP and ASP programmer ; IT research ; University student .
Email: r00t.ati@xxxxxxxxx
Link: http://www.ihteam.net/

Nick: Damn Regret
Name: Elisa
Role: Graphics addicted
Bio: Italian Scientific Student . Web designer .
Email: damn_regret@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Link: N/A

Nick: Chuzz
Name: Stefano
Role: Member
Bio: Student . C and Python programmer . I also enjoy RCE and analisys
of those tricky and hardly-predictable situations that often happens in
computer systems .
Email: chuzz.chuzz(at)gmail.com
Link: N/A

Nick: xMassi1986x
Name: Massimiliano
Role: Channel guard
Bio: PC dealer in an electronic store .
Email: m_milanesi@xxxxxxxx
Link: N/A

Nick: x0kster
Name: Paul M .
Role: Member
Bio: PHP programmer , also interested in web design and web security .
Email: x0kster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Link: N/A

Nick: N3mes1s
Name: Giuseppe
Role: Member
Bio: Information technology student ; C++ , Perl and PHP programmer ,
interested in web security .
Email: dottorjekill_mister@xxxxxxxxxx
Link: N/A

Nick: luruke
Name: Luigi De Rosa
Role: Member
Bio: Student . PHP Programmer , lover of IT Security , networking , *NIX
and technology .
Email: lurukee@xxxxxxxxx
Link: http://luruke.gotdns.org (local server)

SystemFAILURE BioHazard
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