[hu-nvda] it van a Peter Wágnernak a levele

  • From: "Ladislav Csepi" <lacoc@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Hu-Nvda@Freelists. Org" <hu-nvda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 21:27:24 +0100

To get Thunderbird and NVDA working together make sure you are using 
NVDA 0.6 P2 or newer and Thunderbird 3 beta.
Older Thunderbird versions can't provide the info about the system caret 
in its editable fields including new message composition area.
Also there are some problems composing HTML email messages so it's best 
to send and receive your messages in plain text.
Here are some settings I am using (but they are not required).
Menu View -> Toolbars -> Mail Toolbar: unchecked
Menu View -> Layout -> Classic View: checked
Menu View -> Layout -> Message Pane     F8: uncheck if you don't like 
message preview
Menu View -> Message Body As -> Plain Text: checked
Menu View -> Display Attachments Inline: Uncheck if you don't want to 
see attachment content in the message window or if you experience 
problems opening long messages.
menu Tools -> Account Settings… : Browse over the list of all the 
accounts created, expand all and uncheck the box saying "Compose 
messages in HTML format" on the respective "Composition & Addressing  " 

Also for blind people there is a problem rearranging columns in the 
message list. I don't like the default order and I've changed it 
manually a little it to suit my needs. For example I am first getting 
tag, status (read/replied/forwarded etc), from, subject and then date 
and all the rest. All the modifications are inside a file called 
localstore.rdf. I am attaching my localstore.rdf so you can place it 
into your profile folder. Default Thunderbird profiles folder is at 
%appdata%\Thunderbird\profiles under windows XP. Simply search for a 
file called localstore.rdf and replace it with this one if you are 
interested in this tweak. Please close your Thunderbird before replacing 
this file. Also please first replace this file and then check the 
options I have listed above.

Thunderbird does not yet expose the info whether a particular message 
has an attachment or not. But there is a workaround. Thunderbird 
supports message tagging. It means you can tag your messages. This can 
also be done automatically using Message Filters. You can add such 
feature as follows:
1) go to your inbox and set focus to the message list.
2) invoke a context menu by pressing applications key, activate "New 
Tag…" from the "Tag" sub menu and give it a meaningful name e.g. attachment.
3) You will perhaps realize that currently selected message will now be 
reported with this new tag inside its list item text. You can remove it 
by invoking the context menu and unchecking that tag in the "Tag" sub menu.
4) There is no user interface for setting up filtering according to the 
attachment status. So unfortunately we won't go to the menu "Tools" -> 
"Message Filters…" and we will have to edit the file manually. See the 
attached msgFilterRules.dat file for the complete example. You can 
customize the file. On the 3rd line there is a name of the rule which 
will appear in the filters dialog.
and the most important is the line number 7
It should include the name of the tag you have added in step 2.
5) After customizing the file msgFilterRules.dat you have to close your 
Thunderbird if it's already running and copy this file into the proper 
folder. In your profile folder you will notice a sub folder named "mail" 
or "imapmail" depending on what type of incoming server your email 
provider offers to you. Then inside this "mail" / "imapmail" folder you 
will get another folder based off of actual incoming server address e.g. 
if you are using gmail over imap you will get something like 
"imapmail\imap.gmail.com". This is the place where you have to put the 
file msgFilterRules.dat to. Please note if you had some filters created 
for the account in question by overwriting the file msgFilterRules.dat 
you will trash all the filters. If you had no filters previously you can 
just overwrite the file. In the future you can manage your Message 
filters using Thunderbird's dialogs however you should not edit the 
entry you have added manually.
condition="OR (has attachment status,is,true)"

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