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Dear Members,

       Our pick for the morning of 4/18 is GTDA.  This company is moving in 
the right direction this year as its revenue was up 27% in 2001 making over 9 
million dollars.  Despite their incredible growth, they have a mere $4 
Million dollar market cap. If you want to compare, just look at AMEX traded 
SOS, Storage Computer Corp., a similar company to GTDATA, which has smaller 
revenues coupled with large losses, and it possess' a market cap valuation of 
$86.7 Million! It's hard to even grasp the thought of how undervalued GTDATA 
is and to think of the upward potential this little gem has blows my mind.  
This company has many things going for it: rapidly growing revenue in an 
industry (data storage) that The Gartner Group estimates will grow from 
$20-Billion in 2001 to $28-Billion in 2003. Many of GTDATA's clients are also 
Fortune 500 companies, they have an excellent contract flow, they anticipate 
global expansion along with their current customers, and have an absolutely 
stellar management team in place and so much more.  With their great previous 
performance, we can only expect the best from this up and coming gem.  This 
is a rare find in the OTC and should not be overlooked.  Here is your chance 
to get in on the ground floor on a very solid company with huge potential.  
This is one undervalued stock which is just on the verge of exploding.  
Please take a look at our research below for more information on GTDA.  We 
have both fundamental data, technical analysis, as well as a commentary on 
many other aspects of the company.  As always, please do you own due 
diligence before investing.  Good luck with your investments tomorrow and 
please remember to Invest With Cents.


Symbol: GTDA
Name: GTDATA Corporation. 
Company Web Site: http://www.gtdatacorp.com
52-week Trading Range: $0.07 x $0.50
Price as of 04/17/2002: $0.24
Bid: $0.20 Ask: $0.24
Average Volume:  24,167
Shares Outstanding: 16,052,000
Shares in the Float: approx. 4 Million
Market Cap: $3.85 Million
Market Stock Trades On: OTC BB
Press Releases: 

Message Board: http://ragingbull.lycos.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=BB%3AGTDA
12 Month Chart: 

GTDA is showing solid support at around the $0.20 level which will provide a 
nice cushion after it makes its move.  Watch for a break through the short 
term trendline tomorrow to show strength in the upward move.  If this upward 
move is supported by large volume, you can expect even greater holding 

GTDATA is a data storage company and fortunately the need for enhanced data 
storage solutions has never been greater. The Gartner Group estimates that 
the data storage industry will grow from $20-Billion in 2001 to $28-Billion 
in 2003, an annual growth rate in excess of 20%. GTDATA believes that it will 
not only grow with, but also capture increasing market share within this 
expanding industry. 

GTDATA currently provides its clients, many of whom are Fortune 500 and 100 
companies, with highly specialized and critical services such as repair, 
remarketing and logistics support for tape and hard disk drive storage 
products. They are focused primarily upon the high margin service provider 
industry. Their existing client base includes mass storage OEMs and key 
integrators. Strategic alliances include relationships with mass storage OEMs 
and key integrators. GTDATA believes that profitable relationships with 
client/partners have positioned GTDATA for significant near-term growth.

GTDATA is a leading provider of full-service solutions to the mass storage 
industry. Founded in June 1995 by senior management, TSLi an operating 
division of GTDATA identified a glaring need by tape drive manufacturers for 
quality service work, prompt turnaround times and stable and quality (ISO9002 
Certified) infrastructure. 

While TSLi's original core competency consisted of tape drive repair to the 
component level, they have adapted to the changing requirements of current 
key customers. These partners, along with TSLi's core of established tape 
OEM's are now in need of faster cycle times and higher volume commitments, 
and TSLi's response has positioned the company for significant immediate 
growth. TSLi is adapting to these needs in a more unique manner than its 
competitors. Instead of devoting greater resources to personnel, TSLi has 
concentrated on improving processes and controls, working closely with their 
OEM partners on proprietary technology and equipment, and continuing to 
"think outside of the box". 

TSLi continues to provide quality tape repair to the component level. They 
also provide additional service offerings that include inventory management, 
advance-exchange and engineering consultation. These added services, which 
they expect will continue to increase as a percentage of their business, is 
supported by a full-service infrastructure. A distinct competitive advantage 
is their ability to offer a wide spectrum of services within one 
facility/company. This infrastructure includes:

·        Customer Service
·        Technical Support
·        Sales and Marketing
·        Engineering Support
·        Program Management
·        Logistics Expertise 

TSLi's infrastructure is poised not only to support its own core business as 
stated above, but also to support additional opportunities. TSLi's background 
includes manufacturing expertise, and this strength bodes well for any 
manufacturing opportunities. 

GTDATA markets its services and products throughout the world, and to date 
has generated the majority of its sales in the United States. In addition to 
growing our top accounts through additional service offerings and a wider 
variety of models serviced, we are establishing vertical penetration within 
each of our top accounts.

GTDATA has benefited from an industry-wide consolidation in the past 18 
months. Past competitors (e.g. ESL) have been acquired by full-service 
organizations (e.g. Teleplan), and their core competencies, in turn, have 
changed dramatically. GTDATA is one of the largest mass storage service 
companies to offer unique value-added services such as full configuration 
kitting, repair to the component level, and unequaled turnaround time for 
volume transactions in the US.

Senior Management Team Profiles: 
The GTdata Senior Management Team consists of professionals that have 
significant experience and are well known in the tape drive and storage 
industries. These members of the team have successful track records in their 
areas of expertise in a team-oriented atmosphere. These key management team 
members have previously worked together.

Robert Genesi. GTDATA; President & CEO
Mr. Genesi has extensive experience with start-up and turnaround situations 
in the technology sector. He has in excess of 25 years of operating 
experience in senior and corporate-level positions with a variety of major 
technology firms. An engineer by training, Mr. Genesi has developed expertise 
in many different areas during his career including production, finance, 
marketing, and human resources. Mr. Genesi’s storage industry experience 
includes President and COO of Read-Rite, and President and CEO of DAS 
Devices, and Tecmar/Rexon. He has a track record of generating shareholder 
value and liquidity through IPO’s and company sales.

TSLi is our primary operating subsidiary and is ably led by its president, 
Robert Mullaney. He and his senior management team are the strength of our 
organization. They possess unequaled experience and reputations in the 
peripheral services business. Each has many years of experience in the 
industry and most importantly they have worked together as a team for more 
than ten years. In their last venture together, this group turned a start-up 
company into a $100 million business in just five short years.

Robert Mullaney. TSLi; President
Robert Mullaney is currently President of TSLi, a company that he has led 
from startup status 7 years ago to its current position as a top mass storage 
service organization. Mr. Mullaney has more than 22 years of direct mass 
storage service and manufacturing experience. He has a proven ability to 
build organizations, increase sales and realize shareholder value. He is well 
known in the storage industry community, to both participants and customers
John Genesi. TSLi; Chief Financial Officer
John Genesi has more than 12 years of financial management experience. He is 
experienced in all facets of financial reporting, systems and controls. Prior 
to leading TSLi's financial department, he managed the financial activities 
associated with the start-up and sale of DAS Devices, a storage related 
company. Mr. Genesi has been an integral member of TSLi's recent growth.

Gary Mendelsohn. TSLi; Director of Customer Service
Gary Mendelsohn has been in the tape drive and storage industry for more than 
20 years. During that time, he has managed customer service and inside sales 
operations, with direct emphasis on tape OEM qualification and support. He 
has been with TSLi since 1997, after having developed his tape drive 
experience for twelve years with Tecmar/Rexon. Mr. Mendelsohn's customer 
service and inside sales background is quite extensive, and he is well 
respected by TSLi's key customers.

Jesus Duperon. TSLi; Director of Operations
Jesus Duperon has 18 years of direct experience in the quality and IS arena. 
In addition to leading many transfer teams, he was instrumental in TSLi 
gaining ISO9002 certification at a very early stage of existence. He has the 
experience and ability to integrate information systems from several 
locations and companies, and his Internet capabilities are well documented. 
Mr. Duperon is a key contributor to present as well as future opportunities.

Marie Doherty. TSLi; Sales Manager
Marie Doherty brings extensive knowledge of the disc and tape market to the 
senior team. She is leading the charge for the company to expose us to 
additional Internet opportunities and building a web based sales team. She is 
a major contributor to the company.

*For More Valuable Information about the company, I encourage you to read the 
latest letter to Shareholders.... 


Tuesday, Apr 9, 2002
GTDATA Announces Investor Relations Agreement With Strategic Marketing 
Alliance, Inc. - Business Wire - 9:33 am

Wednesday, Apr 3, 2002
GTDATA Announces 27% Increase in 2001 Revenues - PR Newswire - 12:02 pm

Wednesday, Mar 13, 2002
GTDATA Provides Update on the Filing of the 2001 Year End Results And 
Negotiations With New Public Relations firm - PR Newswire - 4:17 pm

Strategic Marketing Alliance, Inc.
Josh Kulp, 866/780-0160

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