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Dear Members,

       It has been a while since we have released a pick to all of you, but 
we finally feel like we have found a stock worth your attention.  We had been 
waiting out the rough markets and only now can we truly say that we feel it 
is a good time to begin investing again.  The OTC markets are just beginning 
to turn around, so for all of you who have been watching the markets, now 
might be the time to begin considering some penny stocks again.  We thank you 
for your patience in these trying times which our country and economy are 
facing.  We are now back and have changed over to a new email system which 
should alert you to our newest picks with incredible speed.  Below we have 
written a small research report for you to look over.  We have also posted 
the profile on our site at http://www.hotpennystocks.com/stocks/cmmi.htm


       Our pick for the night of 4/1/02 is CMMI, a company very well 
positioned in it's industry, yet still trading at extremely undervalued 
levels.  Looking at the news on the company you can see the many mergers and 
acquisitions they have made lately which will only continue to add to their 
strength.  With such growth, it may not be long until they are trading at 
much higher levels.  They have just recently engaged the services of 
Institutional Capital Management, Inc. (ICM) to assist in finalizing the 
proposed acquisition of 75% of Capps Rock Oil, LP (Capps Rock Oil).  Capps 
Rock Oil, LP currently owns a 100% working interest in approximately 2079 
acres of leases about 30 miles south of Abilene in northeastern Runnels 
County, Texas in RRC districts 7B and 7C. There are currently eight producing 
wells on these leases. Imperial Gas Resources, LLC will continue to operate 
these wells. The proven reserves for this field is approximately 6,270,000 
bbls of oil.

"This acquisition will add significantly to the bottom line for CMMI 
shareholders," commented Mr. Timothy G. Byrd, Chief Executive Officer of 
CMMI. "In addition to the existing revenue stream from this acquisition, we 
have the ability to drill an additional approximately 100 new wells in this 
field. If the estimates are close, we could be looking at a tremendous value 
for the shareholders of CMMI." 

This is a truly one of a kind opportunity which we feel you should take 
advantage of.  This is a very well positioned OTC company with a very strong 
business plan which they are just beginning to execute.  If you are looking 
for a solid stock to invest in, we suggest you take a close look at CMMI.  As 
always, please thoroughly research all of your investments and good luck in 
the markets tomorrow!!

Symbol: CMMI 
Name: Consolidated Minerals Management, Inc. 
52-week Trading Range: $0.03 x $0.65 
Price as of 04/01/2002: $0.0475  
Bid: $0.04 Ask: $0.06 
Shares Outstanding: 11,467,033 (per last 10QSB from 11/14/2001) 
Market Cap: $545,000 
Market Stock Trades On: OTC BB 
Press Releases: 

Message Board: http://ragingbull.lycos.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=BB%3ACMMI 
12 Month Chart: 

Right now, CMMI is sitting right on the edge of some resistance, which could 
mean that the slightest push through that critical level will send it to even 
higher levels.  It also has firm support beneath it which is encouraging it 
to move upwards.  Watch for a break through the upper resistance as a signal 
of strength for the stock.

CMMI is in a development stage company intent on changing strategic 
directions in order to capitalize on the strong energy market. The Company's 
new business strategy including merging or acquiring companies or projects 
with proven producing reserves and revenue streams. 

The Company's business plan is to seek, investigate, and if warranted, 
acquire an interest in a business opportunity. The Company's acquisition of 
business opportunities may be made by merger, exchange of stock or other 
manner. The company is currently in discussions with several companies based 
on its business plan. 

Before the recent name change to Consolidated Minerals Management and the 
shift to the energy sector, the company was known as Consolidated Medical 
Management, Inc. (a Montana Corporation), and composed of several 
subsidiaries, Independent Diagnostic Services, Inc. and Psychiatric 
Management Services, Inc.. The Company and its subsidiaries provided health 
care services specializing in mobile diagnostic imaging and the operation of 
a part-hospital psychiatric unit and therefore extends credit to the health 
care providers involved with the patients served. 

Mr. J.R. Harrison... Is a consultant to the company for energy prospects. Mr. 
Harrison has been in the energy industry for over 15 years and has handled 
all phases of development from drilling, land lease acquisition, operations 
and marketing/sales. He has appeared in Texas Monthly Magazine and CNN due to 
his accomplishments and promotions within the energy field. Most recently, 
Mr. Harrison worked at ExxonMobil Oil Corporation in the Western Gulf Region. 
He holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University 
of Florida, an MBA from Rice University and a BS in Mechanical Engineering 
from the University of Houston. 

Friday, Jan 25, 2002 
CMMI Engages Services Of Institutional Capital Management, Inc. To Assist In 
Finalizing Capps Rock Oil, LP Acquisition - Internet Wire - 9:00 am 

Thursday, Jan 24, 2002 
Consolidated Minerals Management Engages Services of Institutional Capital 
Management, Inc. - Business Wire - 8:29 am 

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2002 
Consolidated Minerals Management Announces Conference Call - Internet Wire - 
10:30 am 

Wednesday, Jan 9, 2002 
Consolidated Minerals Management Announces Conference Call - Internet Wire - 
11:30 am 

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2001 
Consolidated Medical Management Financials - EDGAR Online Financials - 6:00 

Contact: Jack King 
Phone: 713-933-0377

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