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Dear Members,

It is not often that we recommend a stock that has already gone from .05 to up 
over a dollar. However, when something this exciting comes along, we need to 
get the word out. TUNGSTEN. Remember that word! The stock? GLEE. Remember that 
stock! GLEE is the symbol for GL Energy and Exploration which trades on the 
OTCBB. The company is engaged in the fields of mineral exploration, energy, and 
property development within North America. GLEE, through its subsidiary, GL 
Tungsten, is currently working on developing an advanced tungsten project known 
as Pilot Mountain located in Mineral County, Nevada. TUNGSTEN is red-hot and 
now under heavy demand from the United States Army.

This newsletter is just the first of a huge and sustained PR campaign to get 
the word out about GLEE. We anticipate that many other well-known newsletters 
will also be profiling GLEE to their subscribers over the next several days and 
even the next few months. This is a very long public-awareness campaign. As 
more and more investors are alerted to the huge potential that today's profiled 
company possesses, we anticipate the demand for this company's stock to SKY 
ROCKET!! We anticipate HUGE VOLUME on GLEE today and for many days/weeks to 
come. GLEE has the potential to more than TRIPLE in value in the near term! The 
time to give serious consideration to investing in GLEE is now, before the 
masses do. Good luck and remember to invest with cents!

-HotPennyStocks.com Staff


Company: GL Energy and Exploration
Symbol: GLEE
Price (8/7/02): $1.22
Yesterday's Volume (8/7/02): 27,600
Float: 22,670,000
Market Cap: 30,600,000
52 Week Range: $0.05-$1.75
Company Website: http://www.glenergyandexploration.com

The word tungsten means "heavy stone" in Swedish. Why should we be so excited 
about a metal known as "heavy stone" and how does this relate to making money 
in the stock market? Well, The Lone Ranger may have used silver bullets, but 
the US Army plans to go green...(as in Tungsten). 

Before detailing more about GLEE as a company, you must first realize why 
Tungsten is such a HOT and growing commodity to understand why we believe GLEE 
will become a very HOT and growing commodity with investors. As you will read 
in a reprint of an article below, it is estimated that "Next year, the Army 
will produce 5 million to 10 million green bullets (made of Tungsten) and after 
that up to 200 million each year", stated Wade Bunting, project manager for 
environmental armament technologies at the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey. If 
one does some calculations, 200 million tungsten bullets a year, using an ounce 
of tungsten each... that makes more than 5,500 tons, or one eighth of existing 
annual tungsten consumption in the world!! 

Click on any of the links below to read a number of recent news articles 
detailing the US Army switching to Tungsten ammunition and you will understand 

Army Magazine Article - 

US Army Environmental Center Article - 

Military.com Article - 

ABCNews.com Article - 

Parade Magazine Article - http://tungsten.jiffyseek.com/parade.html

**Tungsten has low toxicity and data indicates that it is environmentally 
benign. Suitable for combat, tungsten composite bullets pose no risk of lead 
contamination and will reduce environmental compliance burdens on many small 
arms ranges. The tungsten composite bullets match or exceed performance 
requirements for function, accuracy, lethality and penetration.**

POTENTIAL TUNGSTEN SHORT SUPPLY SQUEEZE - Read Why -According to the president 
of North American Tungsten Corporation of Vancouver, British Columbia, Udo E. 
Von Doehren, "For at least the last decade, the balance between supply and 
demand has been maintained by supplying tungsten from strategic Russian and 
Chinese stockpiles to meet production shortfalls. In an attempt to control 
tungsten exports, the Chinese government stopped issuing new permits for 
tungsten mines, curbed the export of concentrates and announced other measures 
to rationalize its production amidst ore depletion warnings. China supplies 
approximately 85 percent of the world's consumption. And, "The worldwide supply 
of tungsten raw materials is dominated by the Chinese, who own approximately 70 
percent of the world's tungsten ore reserves. Chinese export quotas and 
restrictions on tungsten raw materials made it difficult to secure a reliable 
tungsten supply source," says Robert Fillnow, vice president and general 
manager of Chemical & Metallurgical Products of OSRAM SYLVANIA 

The Company's current project, known as Pilot Mountain, is an advanced tungsten 
project located in Mineral County, (west-central) Nevada, USA. Elevated 
tungsten values occur throughout this area, and there are four known mineral 
resources within the claim area: Desert Scheelite, Gunmetal, Garnet, and Rose 
tungsten deposits. The property lies approximately 21 miles east of the town of 
Mina on an all-weather, county maintained gravel road. Mina is 168 miles 
southeast of Reno on U.S. Highway 95. 

In 1999, GLEE negotiated an agreement with Platoro West Incorporated to acquire 
30 claims located in Mineral County. Pursuant to the acquisition agreement 
between GL Energy and Exploration and Plato West Incorporated, Platoro is 
holding the claims in trust, on behalf of the Company. 

There are four know mineral resources within the claim area. These include the 
Gunmetal, Desert Scheelite, Garnet and Rose tungsten deposits. Initial 
resources were identified by the Duval Corporation in the mid 1970's. Union 
Carbide purchased the project from Duval in 1978 and continued to mark out 
additional resources. The project was the subject of a feasibility study done 
by Kaiser Engineering in 1981. Although the study concluded that a combination 
of open-pit and underground mining would return an acceptable profit, the 
tungsten market collapsed shortly thereafter and the property remained idle 
until the demise of the Metals and Mining Division of Union Carbide during the 
late 1980's. Platoro West Incorporated acquired the data files from Union 
Carbide and subsequently located the current mining claims in 1999. 

The general geology of Mineral County is characterized by structurally complex 
calcareous, clastic, and volcanic rocks of Paleozoic and Mesozoic age intruded 
by monzonitic to granitic rocks. Cenozoic bi-modal volcanics cover much of this 
terrain. There have been several periods of folding and faulting. The Pilot 
Mountain project area consists largely of the Luning formation which is a 
limestone to dolomite with lesser amounts of shale, argillite and conglomerate 
with granitic intrusions. 

The ore deposits of each of the four known resources consist of contact 
metamorphic deposits with tungsten occurring as scheelite and powellite within 
the tactite zone formed by metamorphism and metasomatism of the limestone where 
in intimate contact with the intrusives. Other important metals occur within 
some of the resources and are of economic interest including silver and zinc. 
Lesser amounts of copper and molybdenum have also been encountered. 

Union Carbide Corporation indicated a current resource calculation for the 
Desert Scheelite, Gunmetal, and Garnet zones of over 10,000,000 tons with a 
grade in excess of 0.40% WO3. The Garnet and Rose zones are only partially 
delineated and further exploration is expected to greatly increase these 
resource figures. Within this resource, the Kaiser Engineering report indicated 
proven reserves of 5,091,900 tons at a grade of 0.36% WO3. This proven reserve 
did not take into consideration the value of the other metals. 

The following article is sourced from "The Water Environment & Technical 
Magazine", published by The Water Environment Federation. 

This spring, the US Army planned to begin manufacturing "green" bullets. The 
bullets - which are used primarily for shooting practice during peace time - 
are as deadly to humans as their predecessors but less deadly to the Earth. 

Lead bullets, which the Army currently uses, tend to bioaccumulate in the 
environment, often ending up in sediments, surface water, and groundwater, 
according to A Multimedia Strategy for the Management and Reduction of Lead 
Hazards released by the US Environmental Protection Agency Region 5. 
Accumulated lead can adversely affect wildlife and people who get their 
drinking water from a contaminated source, according to the report. Lead slugs 
are such a water quality hazard that the federal district court in New York 
ruled that spent lead shot is a "pollutant" as defined by the Clean Water Act. 

The lead slugs the Army uses in traditional 5.56 mm bullets have been 
bioaccumulating at shooting ranges, forcing several to close. These slugs will 
be replaced with environmentally friendly tungsten-based slugs, according to 
Wade Bunting, project manager for environmental armament technologies at the 
Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey. Not only is tungsten more environmentally 
"benign" than lead, but ozone depleting chemicals and volatile organic 
compounds have been eliminated from the bullet manufacturing process - 
resulting in pollution prevention and money savings, he says. Although tungsten 
is more expensive than lead, the cleanup of the manufacturing process actually 
will result in savings of $0.01 to $0.05 per round, or $5 million to $20 
million per year, he explains. 

The bullets also will allow several indoor and outdoor shooting ranges that 
closed because lead concentrations became a human health or environmental 
hazard to reopen, cutting down the costs of transporting troops to far away, 
still-operational shooting ranges and eliminating associated pollution he adds. 

This year about 1 million green bullets will be produced, Bunting says. 
Priority distribution of the bullets will be given to closed shooting ranges 
and to a new National Guard shooting range near Gnome, Alaska, that has not 
been contaminated by lead bullets, he continues. Next year, the Army will 
produce 5 million to 10 million green bullets and after that up to 200 million 
each year, he adds. (end of article) 

Tungsten is an increasingly vital and environmentally safe metal, replacing 
hazardous lead in many products, including automobiles and now even bullets for 
the US Army. Tungsten ore is a critical raw material component used to make 
filaments for a variety of lighting products. Tungsten metal has an extremely 
high melting point and is amazingly dense. A baseball made of tungsten would 
weigh over 13 pounds. Tungsten products also are used in heavy engineering 
industries to bore automotive engine blocks, drill for oil, mine coal and in 
computers, to draw heat away from microchips. Even golf clubs use tungsten for 
added density. It is obvious that tungsten is the metal of the future and as an 
industry leader, GLEE will be reaping the profits for years to come.


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