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Dear Members,
       Today was very exciting for us and hopefully for all of you as well.  
CMMI made a great move of over 25% and nearly tripled its average daily 
volume.  We hope that you all were able to profit from this move.  You can 
find the exact details of CMMI's day below as well as some updated technical 
analysis.  We are very pleased with these results and expect to only see 
greater things as the year continues.  Please make sure to continue checking 
your mail for updated information and our newest picks.  Good luck with all 
of your investments!

-HotPennyStocks.com Staff

Updated CMMI Information

Symbol: CMMI 
Name: Consolidated Minerals Management, Inc. 
52-week Trading Range: $0.03 x $0.65 
Price as of 04/01/2002: $0.0475
Price as of 04/02/2002: $0.06    +$0.012   +26.32%
Volume on 04/02/2002: 327,200
Average Volume: 132,905
Current Bid: $0.05 Current Ask: $0.06 
Shares Outstanding: 11,467,033 (per last 10QSB from 11/14/2001) 
Market Cap: $545,000 
Market Stock Trades On: OTC BB 
Press Releases: 

Message Board: http://ragingbull.lycos.com/mboard/boards.cgi?board=BB%3ACMMI 
12 Month Chart: 

HotPennyStocks.com Research

Today CMMI barely broke through the upper resistance, however it remained 
constant at the new level which could signal strength in this move.  Watch 
for a move higher as the broken trend line forms support beneath the new 
trading range.


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