[hlxce] HLX:CE 1.6.16 Released -- End of FreeList announcements

  • From: Steven Sumichrast <packhead@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: HLXCE User Announcement ListServ <hlxce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 20:49:58 -0500

The HLX:CE Development Team is pleased to announce the availability of
HLX:CE 1.6.16.  This version includes:

* Support for Nuclear Dawn
* Additional TF2 weapons and additional images
* Web and Daemon bug fixes

As always, more information is available via our web site at

Also, this will be the last notification sent to the FreeList mailing
list.  In order to shrink the number of tasks required at launch, we're
moving the mailing list option.  Users still wishing to be notified by
e-mail should sign up for our forums (http://forums.hlxce.com) and
subscribe to the News forum (subscribing to New Topics only will reduce the
amount of mailings you get).  Only developers have the ability to create
new posts in that forum, and we do so very infrequently (only when new
releases or we really need to get news out to many people).

We thank you for your interest in the HLX:CE project.

- HLX:CE Development Team

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