[hlxce] 1.6.5 released and 1.6.4 information

  • From: Steven Sumichrast <s_s@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: HLXCE User Announcement ListServ <hlxce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 19:47:20 -0600

Hello All!

First off we'd like to address what happened with 1.6.4.  After we
announced the release we noticed there were a few problems with our
upgrade packages.  The main reason for this is a switch to an
automated build system instead of manually building our packages.
We've since corrected the problems with the build bot, however because
1.6.4 was already out there and had many downloads, we elected to
cancel 1.6.4 and release 1.6.5 today.  1.6.4 did not have any
significant flaws, but it was missing numerous files that should have
been in the package.

In addition to fixing everything 1.6.4 did, 1.6.5 also fixes a very
remote/edge case with Heatmap generation and some missing SQL for Team
Fortress 2.  1.6.5 also includes the fixed HLX:CE daemon (which was
missed in the upgrade packages yesterday).

We want to apologize to the community for the bad release we had
yesterday and want to assure everyone we're doing everything we can to
put into place a rigorous testing system prior to doing releases.
That being said, WE'RE LOOKING FOR BETA TESTERS! :)  If you're
interested in helping us by testing packages before we release them,
check out our "Help us help you" sub-forum on our web site,

Thank you again for your continued support.  As always, downloads,
changelog and more is available at http://www.hlxcommunity.com.

 - Packhead

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