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  • From: Nerea Toledo Gandarias <nerea.toledo@xxxxxx>
  • To: hipl-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 11:36:13 +0100

Thanks Samu!
That was driving me mad!
I've got another question, maybe obvious, but I haven't understood what do you mean with "tries 0-addr REAP". Has it got something to do with SHIM6 failure detection? I thought that the usage of SHIM6 was for further development... It will be very kind from you if you could tell me what exactly do you mean with that.


Varjonen Samu escribió:
Nerea Toledo Gandarias wrote:

I have installed the latest version of HIPL (1.0.4-5) running on ubuntu 8.10 on two vmware virtual machines. Both virtual machines have two ethernet interfaces configured, but eth0 is the only one that it is up. That is, oops has eth0 3ffe::2/64 and crash has eth0 3ffe::1/64 configured. I am testing handover with SSH connection and a video streaming. I have installed the SSH server and the video server on oops, that will act as a responder, and access to it from crash, which is the initiator. I perfectly see the base exchange and the data transmision ciphrated using ESP.
I have tested soft handover in two different ways:
1.- Introducing the following lines:
   oops: sudo ifconfig eth1 up
   oops: sudo ifconfig eth1 inet6 add 3ffe::3/64
   oops: sudo ifconfig eth0 down


This is a known "problem". I changed it some time ago, but it messed up someones test environment so it was changed back.

This is what happens in the code:

Eth1 is upped and its address is added everything is fine and then eth0 is downed and its address is removed as a response to netlink RTM_DELADDR. Now the code counts the addresses on the eth0 interface and notices that there is none and tries to 0-addr REAP.

Notice the problem ;)

Logically thinking what should happen:

When an address is removed from the interface it should be checked that if it is the last address on the interface then look for other interfaces if there is something we can use.

It is a simple fix, but as I said it was taken out because a test case where there was an interface with Internet connectivity and one that was only used for nfs. In that case the behavior was not what the tester wanted it to be and the fix was reverted.

We have one guy who is working on a rewrite of the code on the experiences we have had with the mobility parts of the code. This problem is on the list also :)

2.- Using the script handover.sh (/hipl--main--2.6/test/demo/)
In both cases, the connection drops, and you are no longer connected with the SSH server neither the video server. With the video streaming it happens the same, the video gets 'frozen'. The routes are well defined. I find I little bit strange having a script (handover.sh) to automate the handover process and have no results using it.

The script uses one interface and its just for testing purposes. Not sure of its usefulness to others than me :D

Hope this helped you...


Is this possible? What am I doing wrong?

Any help will be appreciated.


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