[hipl-users] Problems with RVS

  • From: Paola Venuso <pa.venuso@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: hipl-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2013 18:52:25 +0200

I'm trying to test the RVS service. I'm using one of the two test servers
indicated in the manual (
http://infrahip.hiit.fi/hipl/manual/HOWTO.html#ch_test_servers) and the
configuration of the manual too. Also I installed hipl release 1.0.7 and
I'm using two virtual machines with ubuntu 12.04.
The registration of the responder seems ok (wireshark shows it), but when I
try to communicate with the responder from the initiator, using netcat, an
error message occurs. The message says: address unreachable.

I configured the initiator hosts files as follows:
in /etc/hosts : RVS_IP   RESPONDER_NAME

I run hipd on both and then at the responder I started the registration
with: hipconf daemon add service rvs RESPONDER_HIT  RVS_IP  LIFETIME_SECONDS
After registration I run:  nc6 -l -p 1234
while at the initiator: nc6 RESPONDERNAME 1234
But when I tried to type and send something the previously written error
message occurred.

Also I tried with teredo addresses, as the manual says in HIP NAT traversal
section, but the initiator couldn't send the I1 packet. Using wireshark I
noticed that after the initiator tried to send the packet, it received a
message of unreachable destination.

Am I doing something wrong? Or maybe am I just missing some steps?

Thanks in advance,


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