[hipl-users] Moving to armv7 systems

  • From: Robert Moskowitz <rgm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "hipl-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <hipl-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 14:05:52 -0400

I have my 1st Cubieboard2 working. I have built F19 and F20 from the tutorials. These are straightforward and work. I am working on the F21 pre-alpha and can generally get the system working but a lot is still not ready.

More importantly, friday I got Redsleeve (Centos 6 remix for arm) working. When things get going I will be working on the Centos 7 arm spin.

Some of you may have seen me in Toronto with my Cubieboard; in its case, it is about the size of a 2.5" drive and 1" tall. Boots of an SD card; if you want a hard drive, that will take a little more space.

As these systems draw just 2w with no HDD and typically only 6w with, I have just ordered 5 more Cubieboard 2s and 1 Cubietruck (for the more memory). My estimated ROI on power savings is 1 year; 18 months max.

So of course we come to HIPL on these platforms. I really don't expect to be handed rpms this time around. I will settle for 'what do I need to install for F20 and RSEL to build and how to build.' help.

Of course if someone whats to join in the fun,,,, I got my Cubieboard2 for $65; the Cubietruck for $95. Both are duo-core Allwinner A20 soc based.

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