[hipl-commit] [trunk] Rev 3684: Removed deprated sections describing tla and kernel from HACKING.

  • From: Miika Komu <miika@xxxxxx>
  • To: hipl-commit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 16:06:12 +0200

Committer: Miika Komu <miika@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu Feb 18 16:06:08 2010 +0200
Revision: 3684
Revision-id: miika@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Branch nick: trunk

  Removed deprated sections describing tla and kernel from HACKING.

  M  doc/HACKING

=== modified file 'doc/HACKING'
--- doc/HACKING 2010-02-16 12:25:35 +0000
+++ doc/HACKING 2010-02-18 14:06:08 +0000
@@ -158,8 +158,8 @@
 bzr commit
-NOTE: Please, don't use the -m "#COMMIT_COMMENT#" option known from
-TLA. I strongly encourage you to use an editor for your commit
+NOTE: Please, don't use the -m "#COMMIT_COMMENT#" option.
+I strongly encourage you to use an editor for your commit
 messages instead and to give a one line summary followed by a empty
 line and then a more detailed description of your changes. This way,
 it will be much easier for your fellow developers to understand your
@@ -181,8 +181,6 @@
-NOTE: You can find information on how to use the DEPRICATED TLA further below.
@@ -675,104 +673,6 @@
     return err;
-TLA instructions DEPRACATED!!!
-These instructions assume that you want to access the HIPL source code
-using ssh. Note: tla and bazaar (baz) provide the same functionality
-but bazaar was faster and more user friendly when this was
-written. Notice that HIP sources are NOT managed with bzr!
-# Register an account:
-tla register-archive hipl-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \
-       sftp://mkomu@xxxxxxxxxxxx/var/archive/hipl
-tla my-default-archive hipl-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
-# Get a working copy from the main branch:
-tla get hipl--main--2.6 hipl--main--2.6
-# Copy the tla hook if you want to get your commit logs to the mailing list:
-cp hipl--main--2.6/test/tla-hook ~/.arch-params/hook
-# Different ways to commit code:
-a) tla commit # Open's your default editor and commits.
-b) emacs `tla make-log`; tla commit
-c) tla commit -s "Explanation jaada jaada"
-# How to check what your have modified in the tree
-tla changes
-# How to make a branch from the current version of the main branch
-tla my-default archive # Make sure that you are accessing the HIPL archive
-tla archive-setup hipl--mybranch--2.6
-tla tag hipl--main--2.6 hipl--mybranch--2.6
-# Get the new branch
-tla get hipl--mybranch--2.6 hipl--mybranch--2.6
-# How to synchronize branches... remember to make clean commits, i.e. do
-# NOT commit a merge and local modifications in the same commit!
-cd hipl--mybranch--2.6
-tla changes # Check that the tree is unmodified
-tla star-merge hipl--main--2.6
---- Optional ---
-Below are some instructions on using revision libraries. They speed-up
-tla/tla operations.
-# Make a revision library (otherwise e.g. commit and changes take up to
-# 15 mins!)
-mkdir ~/.tla-rev-lib
-tla my-revision-library ~/.tla-rev-lib/
-tla library-config --greedy --sparse ~/.tla-rev-lib/
-# Get a working copy from the main branch using revision libraries:
-tla get --link hipl--main--2.6 hipl--main--2.6
-Also, the tla usage is optimized using hard-linked revision
-# Run the command below in your working copy (e.g. monthly) if you
-# experience a serious slow-down in the commit speed or you want to enable
-# revision libraries in your local copy:
-cd hipl--main--2.6
-tla changes --link
-*** Important: see that your umask is 0002 before you make any commits ***
-hipl--main--2.6 is the "stable" branch for HIPL code. Do not put any
-experimental code in there because other people are relying on that
-the code works! Commit only minor bugfixes directly to the stable
-branch, and use/create other branches to develop experimental
-code. When you have tested and are sure that code works, you can merge
-it into the stable branch.
-Some points in the branch quality assurance:
-- the code must compile as it is without errors
-- compiler warning messages must be taken seriously and must not be ignored
-  unless you really know what the message means. And we REALLY mean really.
-- the base exchange should be manually tested between two hosts
-- UPDATE packet exchange should work
-- the code should not leak memory or do bad locking
-- (all existing unit tests should be run without any errors (see TESTING))
@@ -1577,32 +1477,6 @@
 * tools/hipconf rst all
-# note: there is a perl script called "hashline" diff which is more
-# convinient to use in upgrading the kernel (to check for added/deleted
-# files)
-% <get the patch to ~/down>
-% cd hipl--fix--2.6/linux
-% patch -p1 <~/down/patch-2.6.7 2>&1| tee /tmp/PATCH_LOG
-% grep ^patching /tmp/PATCH_LOG|cut -d' ' -f3 >/tmp/CHANGES
-% for i in `cat /tmp/CHANGES`; do tla id $i 2>&1; done >/tmp/TLA_LOG
-% tla add `perl -ne 'print "$_" if ($n); $n=0; $n=1 if
-    (/id: untagged file/)' </tmp/TLA_LOG`
-% tla delete `perl -ne 'print "$_" if ($n); $n=0; $n=1 if
-  (/error finding file id \(2: No such file or directory\)/)' \
-    </tmp/TLA_LOG|cut -d' ' -f3`
-% find . -type d|grep -v .arch-ids >/tmp/LINUX_DIRS
-% for i in `cat /tmp/LINUX_DIRS`; do tla id $i 2>&1; done
-    >/tmp/TLA_DIR_LOG
-% tla add `perl -ne 'print "$_" if ($n); $n=0; $n=1 if
-    (/id: untagged file/)' </tmp/TLA_DIR_LOG`
-Check HUNK messages from PATCH_LOG manually.

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