[hipl-commit] tla commit: hipl-dev@freelists.org--hipl/hipl--userspace--2.6

  • From: Diego Beltrami <diego.beltrami@xxxxxxx>
  • To: hipl-commit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 18:05:20 +0300

New revisions created in hipl-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/hipl--userspace--2.6

2005-05-24 GMT  Diego Beltrami <diego.beltrami@xxxxxxx> patch-197

      first program for automatic base exchange. Bug fixed for ref cnt while 
scrolling beet db.

    A first program which allows for automatize the base exchange in the base 
scenario is added.
    Minor bugs have been furthermore fixed.

    new files:
     test/.arch-ids/first_test.c.id test/.arch-ids/first_test.h.id
     test/first_test.c test/first_test.h

    modified files:
     libinet6/getaddrinfo.c linux/net/ipv6/hip/beet.c
     linux/net/ipv6/hip/beet.h linux/net/ipv6/hip/bos.c
     linux/net/ipv6/hip/hadb.c linux/net/ipv6/hip/pk.c
     linux/net/ipv6/hip/pk.h test/Makefile.am test/conntest.c
     test/conntest.h test/hipsetupNew.c

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