[hipl-commit] [tiny] Rev 3773: Synchronized to trunk revision 4444.

  • From: Tim Just <tim.just@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: hipl-commit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 22:59:36 +0300

Committer: Tim Just <tim.just@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 29/04/2010 at 22:59:36
Revision: 3773 [merge]
Revision-id: tim.just@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Branch nick: tiny

  Synchronized to trunk revision 4444.

  D  hipd/pfkeyapi.h
  D  tools/DNS/pyip6.py
  D  tools/gen-python-starter.sh
  A  tools/build-maemo.sh
  A  tools/hipdnskeyparse/
  A  tools/hipdnsproxy/
  R  lib/conf/hipconf.c => lib/conf/conf.c
  R  lib/conf/hipconf.h => lib/conf/conf.h
  R  tools/DNS/ => tools/hipdnsproxy/DNS/
  R  tools/dnsproxy.py => tools/hipdnsproxy/hipdnsproxy
  R  tools/hipconftool.c => tools/hipconf.c
  R  tools/hosts.py => tools/hipdnsproxy/hosts.py
  R  tools/myasn.py => tools/hipdnskeyparse/myasn.py
  R  tools/parse-key-3.py => tools/hipdnskeyparse/hipdnskeyparse
  R  tools/pyip6.py => tools/hipdnsproxy/pyip6.py
  R  tools/util.py => tools/hipdnsproxy/util.py
  M  Makefile.am
  M  configure.ac
  M  doc/HACKING
  M  doc/HOWTO.xml
  M  firewall/firewall.c
  M  firewall/pisa.c
  M  hipd/hipd.c
  M  hipd/hipd.h
  M  hipd/hit_to_ip.c
  M  hipd/init.c
  M  hipd/init.h
  M  hipd/netdev.c
  M  hipd/pfkeyapi.c
  M  lib/core/debug.c
  M  lib/core/hostsfiles.h
  M  lib/core/list.h
  M  lib/core/message.h
  M  lib/core/performance.h
  M  lib/tool/lutil.c
  M  lib/tool/pfkeysadb.c
  M  modules/update/hipd/update.c
  M  test/demo/stdinclient.c
  M  test/demo/stdinserver.c
  M  test/packaging/create-deb.sh
  M  test/packaging/hipl-deb.spec
  M  test/packaging/hipl-rpm.spec
  M  test/packaging/rh-init.d-dnsproxy
  M  test/performance/cookiesolver.c
  M  tools/hipl_autobuild.sh
  M  lib/conf/conf.c
  M  lib/conf/conf.h
  M  tools/hipdnsproxy/hipdnsproxy
  M  tools/hipconf.c

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