[hiddencorridor] Hidden Corridor News Letter, Issue 2

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Hidden Corridor News Letter, Issue 2

In this Issue:
-making good use of the forums
-about hybrids
-your own personal gummie
-character sheet profiler
-web store
-the plans for nomad-chat and nomads-tale
-pitching in

---Take advantage of the forums---

The Forums are widely used for information about the site and the changes
that are happening both site wide as well with our patrons.  We would
recommend you join the forum and keep and eye on and participate in the
forum to give us your feed back to allow us to know what you think is needed
to improve the site.  Using this as a medium connects in a unique way that
binds our communities and realms together for better communication.

We hope that you will take time to register for the forums and speak out for
the things you see or would like to see in your community and realms.


Remember, direct links to the forums below required that you are signed up
and logged in to go streight to the forum, so get in on it now.

---So you want a chatroom of your own?---

HC is opening the doors to people that are interested in a realm on the site
with any genre that they can come up with. (As long as their is no obvious
duplication with anything already done so far.)

Hybrids are chatrooms that have all the owner functions but they are not
listed publically.  You will have the option of designing the hybrid in any
manner that you want with the previso that you stay interested in the realm.

If you're interested in the realm in becoming a public realm then it needs
to have regular traffic. There are no hard numbers for a hybrid realm to put
on the track to public status... within a 30 day period. We can track how
much effort or interest you have in the realm and then you'll have the realm
on the public list.

Just list your request on the forum.

With your interest in a hybrid...

---Personal Gummies---

To make your community more personalized for you. If you would like a
personlized gummy please submit an image hosted by your host tha this 25
pixels by 25 pixels.

Please use the forum:


To request the gummy and it will be assigned to the list when your character
configure for your puppet which you can use for chat experience in your
community and realms.

---NEW! RPGWebProfiler™--- We have installed the RPGWebProfiler™ online character sheet system to Hidden Corridor. This offers live-edit online character sheets for Dungeons and Dragons based games of the 3.5 system, as well as character sheets for Serenity based off the TV show Firefly. You can sign up and freely use the profiler at: http://www.hiddencorridor.net/profiler/ The profiler includes a gallery of pictures free to use for your character sheets. We hope you make good use of this valuable resource for both your online and offline D20 games.

---Nomad's Tale Webstore--- We are in the planning stages of a webstore to help support our chat networks. We are looking for input from our users to help in developing this project. Please let us know what you think in our site forums at: http://hiddencorridor.net/hcforum/index.php?topic=108.0

---Nomad's Tale---

Our plans over the next few months are to set up Nomad's Tale, which will be
the heart of our group sites and will have both our webstore and writer's
cooperative.  It will act as a portal to both hiddencorridor.net and the up
and coming nomad-chat.  We invision Nomad's Tale as a community of users
interacting in most degrees nessisary.  We welcome input and ideas from our
users on what they'd like to see from Nomad's Tales.  Go here
http://hiddencorridor.net/hcforum/index.php?topic=107.0 and let your voice
be heard.


We are prepairing to start a whole new chat network called nomad-chat.  We
intend to use the latest ER script on a new host in hopes for a fast, clean
running chat server.  Those who use hidden corridor regularly know of it's
many problems.  This is due partially to the age of the script in use as
well as the host's inability to serve the number of users we have.  We
decided that we would start from scratch with a brand new chat network with
clean code and the latest in Ethereal realms scripts.


Many of the things that we've done has been privately funded, but we're
planning on moving our system to a server that can handle the demands of the
community with the latest ER script which can handle the load of patrons and
realms with exciting and innovative ideas which we cannot do privately any

We are asking for donations to help us make these transitions sooner for
your chatting experience.

Thank you for your patronage, we look forward to seeing you at

~The Staff at Hidden Corridor~

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