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Hidden Corridor News Letter
-Where we are at.
-The chat tutorial.
-The forum.
-Chat Shows.
-New Admins.
-Your Gummie.
-Whiteboard and games.
-D20 gamining support.

---Where we are at---
Hidden Corridor is now where we want it to be, so now the time has come to
concider the directions we would like to take it.  We are very interested in
what our users would like to see happen with the site, so please feel free
to post your input in the site forums.

---The chat tutorial---
Available through the frontpage of the site is a chat tutorial to help one
through the daunting chat interface that can often confuse and even scare
new visitors to the site.  The tutorial was added with the new chatters in
mind and takes them step by step through what they need to know to use our

---The forum---
Please take the time to make use of our site forum.  It is not only
informational, but recreational as well.  The forum was created in the
spirit of community and we would really like to see it used to it's fullest
extent by our users.  This forum is brand new so the registrations from the
old .com site do not work.  New registrations on the .net site will be
nessisary to use the forums.

We have added a kids dedicated room.  This room is targeted toward the
underaged users of Hiddencorridor and gives them a place to chat and role
play as they would like.  Those with children they would like to allow usage
of our site, we would like to encourage you to aid your children and watch
over them while visiting.  We do not reccomend use of this site by children
under the age of ten, and we ask that parents supervise children under the
age of 13 in use of the site.

---Chat Shows---
In the spirit of the old days of WBS Hidden Corridor would like to host live
chat shows covering topics of user interest as well as special guests you
would like to chat with on this site.  While we wouldn't expect superstars
to agree to participate, we're willing to keep an open mind as to who you
would like to invite as guests on our chat shows.  We will be starting this
month with a Thursday night chat show, schedule to be posted.

---New Admins---
I would like to welcome our two new admins, LiLi and Reesa.  They will be
working hard to help keep HiddenCorridor running smoothly and to keep our
guests happy.  They are are a super pair of sisters who are awesome
moderators, hosts, and role players.  I know they will do everything they
can to make this site a great place to chat and role play, so lets hear it
for them!

---Your Gummie---
We would like you to have your own gummie.  Gummies are typically jpg, gif,
or even png in format and 25 pixils by 25 pixils.  If you post a valid link
in the gummies section of the forum we will add your gummie to the general
gummys listing.  If you want a gummie, please sign up to the forums and post
your link there.

---Whiteboard and arcade games---
We have added a whiteboard and java arcade games the site.  If you would
like to see these added to your favorite chat rooms, speak with your room
host and ask to have them added.  We hope you enjoy these new features and
have fun.

---D20 gamining support---
We are concidering options for adding D20 gaming support for the site.  We
are looking to add a profiler with easy access character sheets, and have
added a whiteboard that has a gridding feature and can be used for maps.
The rooms already have dice support for hosts who install that feature.
There are online opensource game playing resources that we will be adding to
the site forums.

Thank you for your patronage, we look forward to seeing you at HiddenCorridor.net.

~The Staff at Hidden Corridor~

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