HHSC Soaring Forecasts

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  • Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 12:53:55 -0400

Hi -

1. We now have an HHSC-specific TIP soaring forecast tailored for Harris Hill. This is a text-only report is derived from
Dr. Jack's soaring forecasts, and is generated automatically every day. The bad news is that is isn't
available until 1215-1230 local time each day. The good news is that it's very comprehensive and gives brief predictions for the
next two days. It can be found at <http://www.drjack.info/TIP/FCST/elmira.txt>, and is free.

2. Kevin Ford's text-only, soaring forecast is still available each day after about 0900 local time. This free forecast is
at <http://www.soarforecast.com/ti.cgi?SUBJECT=TI&Upperstation=BUF&Surfacestation=ELM&Forecasthigh=&MaxAltitude=10000> and uses soundings from Buffalo and estimated local high temps from Elmira.

3. And, of course, Dr. Jack's graphical forecasts are still available at <http://www.drjack.info/BLIP/univiewer.html> The simplest charts (thermal strength) using both the RUC and the ETA forecasting models are available for free. Dr. Jack charges about $20/year subscription for full access to all soaring forecast charts for the entire US.

Within a couple of days I will get the HHSC web site Weather page updated for all these links.


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