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>                 [hhrug] User Group Meeting: Reminder

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> User Group Meeting: Reminder

> Remember that next Wednesday evening is club night.

> The club meets on the third Wednesday of every month
>  in the village hall at Nash Mills.
> The meeting begins at 2000 and is until 2200.

> s**************************************u
>  Subscriptions are due at this meeting.
> b**************************************s

> This reminder was created and sent by a Python program
> provided by Stefaan Claes with minor changes here.

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I am certainly looking forward to coming
and bringing my new acquisition -

I received a Raspberry Pi about two weeks ago. It took me some time to 
acquire the necessary compatible accessories - USB hub, power supply 
etc, then I have tried the recommended Linux distro (Debian) and it is 
running well.

I have tried to keep up to date with RISC OS developments for the Pi, 
and the big news of the last week is that the port is becoming usable.

Mouse, keyboard and network for the Pi is all via USB, and this has 
only been working for the past week, so I have been able to download a 
ROM image and try it out. Network is working, including ShareFS, so I 
can copy files across from Iyonix. The latest Netsurf is running. One 
big issue is that the Icon bar is barely visible. so you have to guess 
where the icons are, in order to open them. Hopefully this will be 
fixed soon.

The Pi boots from a SD card, and loads the kernel (RISCOS ROM, or 
Linux kernel) from there. For RISC OS this drops into a supervisor 
prompt, from which a USB stick can be accessed and booted from.

I have been booting from a filecore formatted USB stick.
The SDFS driver has been working, allowing RISC OS to access the SD 
card, but it only works for some cards, and not the ones that I have 
tried out.

The desktop seems at least as responsive as my Iyonix, and much more 
so than LXDE on ARM Debian. However this could change when Debian 
makes use of the video acceleration of the Pi's GPU.



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