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Forwarded incase anybody wants to volunteer an hour or 2

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Subject: RISC OS SE Show 2005: Helpers

Dear HHRUG secretary,
It's that time of year again: 

      Call Up time for helpers for the RISC OS South East Show!
It is my job to find and organise helpers for the show. So would 
you ask the members of Hemel Hempstead RUG whether they can help? 

The show is on Saturday, 22nd October from 10am to 4pm at Guildford 
College, that is, the same as previous years. We will also need 
help on the day before, setting up the show from about 5.30pm and 
again on the Saturday before the show starts from 8am to 10am. We 
also need help dismantling the show at the end.

Jobs during the show are: 
Door Squad 10am to 4pm. 
Car duty (directing cars) from about 9.30am. 
Exhibitors help (in case they have any problems) 10am to 4pm. 
Fetching lunch for exhibitors. 
Charity stand 10am to 4pm. 
Theatre duties (ushering people in and out of the theatre) 

Members offering to help may like to state any jobs that they do or 
do not want to do, together with the times or duration of their help. 
I am not expecting anyone to do more than 2 hours during the show. 
An hour or two of help is sufficient. 

I will contact everybody again nearer the time of the show to 
finalise a rota.

For helpers, there is free entry to the show. For those who help 
with the clearing up at the end, after we finish, we go for a drink 
at a nearby pub. 

Members can contact me by any of the means in my signature below if 
they have any queries or for offers of help.

Last year we could have done with just a few more helpers, so please 
encourage your members to help if only for an hour. I can explain 
the jobs to them which are mainly straightforward needing no special 

Thanks, David Lane (Helpers Organizer)

  Dr D.R. Lane                        Address:  11, Coniston Way,
  Tel:   +44-(0)1737 767210                     Reigate,
  Fax:   0870 056 1781 (24 hours)               Surrey  RH2 0LN
  Email: D_Lane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx            U.K.
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