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  • Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 16:13:41 GMT

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> OK guys,
> I've missed something somewhere!  I have !Perl 1.12 and !Perl 1.13,
> have followed the instructions on installation, i.e. merge the system
> file, etc.  but get nothing in return except a directory full of
> script files which do nothing when I double click on the LLama!
> I know you've had some success on running !Perl scripts David, so any
> idea what Im doing wrong?
> John, I have purchased my own domain, with cgi-bin in my area and
> support for MySQL, so that's a start - I think the problem with Yahoo
> and BT is that you don't get this support unless you pay for it. I
> have also purchased "Learning Perl" to get me off the ground (who do I
> think I'm kidding!!).
> Any hints/tips on where to find instructions on getting !Perl up and
> running at RiscOS level would be appreciated.
> Regards,
> Bryan.
No idea about PERL, but ASP is easy enough.  When I was setting my 
A9home compatability page, I was going to use PHP, but could not PHP 
running right on my PC, so gave up and did it in ASP instead with SQL 
back end, using MS SQL Server on my hosting company.

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