[hhrug] I'm having a clearout...

  • From: Bryan Page <bryanpage1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: hhrug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 14:35:16 +0100 (BST)

Angie and I are having a clearout of our office, it's the culling season!!

I have the following that I'm getting rid of...

Windows Books
Mr Excel "On Excel"
Photoshop 5 Bible
Visually Fireworks 4
HTML Complete Course (with disc)
Dreamweaver Studio MX2004 Bible
Flash MX Actionscript Bible
Learn Perl
USB Complete
Brilliant Dreamweaver CS3

All are in good condition, some are full colour.

Windows Software
Macromedia (Dreamweaver) Studio MX 2004 Upgrade

Risc OS Books
DataPower Tutorial and Reference Manual
DataPower Scripting and SQL Reference Manual
Font Directory Pro V3.10 Manual
Starting Basic - Ray Favre
Dr Wimp's Surgery - Ray Favre
Wimp Programming for All
Acorn Risc PC Welcome Guide
Qercus - 18 editions, 14 are in a proper binder

Risc OS Software
Risc OS Six Select 6i1 Operating System (CD)
Risc OS Six Version 6.10 Operating System (CD)
Risc OS Six Select 5i1 Operating System (CD)
Grapevine (floppy)
Notice Board Professional (2 * floppy + manual)
Messenget Pro (floppy + manual)
Image Outliner (floppy)
RiScript Manual + floppies
ImageFS (floppy)
DataPower 2 (CD)
Easy C++ (CD)
Schema 2 (CD)
PhotoDesk 24 and 32 bit (CD's) + DigiSnaps Picture CD
Cash Book, PrintPDF, Locate and Float (all one one CD)
Risc OS 4 (1999 Install CD)
PDF Suite (CD)
Messenger Pro (CD)
HTML Edit Studio (CD)
Wimp Basic 2 (2 * floppies)
Easy Clip 2 (manual + floppy)
NeXTBar (manual + floppy)
Insignia (floppy + manual)

I also have loads of Risc World Magazine CD/DVD's if anyone wants them.

Whatever isn't wanted will get binned, I'm not asking for anything for this, if 
you want to offer something (tea, biscuits, whatever), that's down to you.  If 
you do want something please let me know so I can update the list and put it 



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