[hhrug] HHACKlub on Friday!

  • From: Brian Hall <brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "hhrug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <hhrug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 20:34:58 +0000

Hi All,

John will be tending the chicken coop this Friday as I'm off to Oxford to
find out how to stop the robots from destroying humanity -- or somethng
like that.

Please feel free to drop me a line between Friday and Tuesday if you check
the webpage and there's anyone at the conference you'd like me to talk to
with questions you may have!

 http://www.winterintelligence.org/ & http://agi-conf.org/2012/ ... but to
be really floored, check out the extended abstracts

So Friday 7pm to 10pm at the regular place -- and hey I may well just come
for a virtual visit "teleconfercing in" on my Nexus 7 from far away Oxford!

Please feel free to wipe off the whiteboard and use it for tracking the
topics that come up or for visual explanations.

In the three hours it's not unreasonable to expect there to be at least ten
topics/problems/solutions/gripes so if we can get Kripa some help with the
notetaking to at least have 10 things we can all followup on as we like
then that'd be fab.

Please feel free to bring show-and-tell with new "tidbits" you've picked up
to  share with the group and eventually the world! :)   Please do take some
notes else the sharing with the world part is harder ;-P

I'll see you the 14th and the following week of 21st we should figure out
if we should be closed for the holidays or especially open and have a
party?!  December 28th should see us all laden with new gadgets and into
the new year on January 4th.  The new year we'll see a coalescing of the
klub's focus with new marketing to bring in more folks and we'll be moving
on up to the big room upstairs where we'll easily be able to have 20 to 30
people and hopefully with extra ammenities like a video projector and more.
 Be sure to mention to your neighbours and friends about the klub as they
get their own gubbins and how they can tap into the shared coummunity
spirit to gain confidence rather ignoring the little beasties when they do
something nasty.

Please feel free to contact John with any questions or suggestions.

John Sandford <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Looking forward to next week when I'll give my report on the conference!

B^) Brian.

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