[hhrug] HHACKlub DREAM KATCHING 2nite!

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  • Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 16:38:27 +0000

Hello Come out tonight if you can!

07805541439 or email if you like.

7pm to 10pm

* Notes from last week

   - Membership and Kripa
   - Membership & attendance secretary dutires
   - - compile contact lists (keep up to date)
   - send out meeting reminder (email)
   - take attendance
   - Keep note of what has been shared and learned at meetings.  Add to
   - Create best practice.  Leading to WIKI structure - Show & Tell -- i.e.
   book people in to share
   - - Using human interaction to capture knowledge.  All the knowledge we
   process = solutions for wider use.
   - Assist with writing of mission statement
   - Mission statement can be organic and dynamic
   - 1st Friday of each month or middle of meeting (8:30pm) brief review of
   M.S. does it need to be ammended, is so ammend.
   - Hemel's Humane Assosiation for Computer Kindness

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