[hhrug] HH A* Klub Tonight? F-Minus ??

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  • Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2013 18:11:09 +0000

Hello All!

I'm a bit hobbled from faving fought for the past two days the valient
struggle to get my failed main drive data ... there's one last hope as the
drive is in the freezer as we speak.

On top of that barely recovered agony and continued patient anxiety I had
hoped to put out an agenda for this week as a special focus on planning for
the upcoming year exclusively rather than any typical jaw jawing etc.

More like the oh-so-exciting PTA meetings I go to :)

But they do get things done there and the Klub has a huge oportunity to
make a difference in the community.

So if you get this and would like to come out tonight please reply ...

perhaps getting RSVPs in advance could be the way -- maybe even using
meeetup.com as a club organizing system.




So Excited

We So Excited

We're gonna have a good time


Also note that tonight there WILL BE note 10.1 taking ;^)

... so back to my OS recovery woes ... ttys



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