[hhrug] Emails and dates sent

  • From: bryanpage1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: hhrug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 15:42:09 GMT


A couple of days ago I installed Messenger Pro 4 and was pleased with 
the results.  I thought I ought to use this in earnest, so I set about 
creating filters to place emails in appropriate folders.  Then for 
some unknown reason I stopped receiving emails, but could still send 
them.  Human nature said "what's the last thing you did", so I removed 
the filters - the end result, no change.

I checked the log for POPstar and found there was an error, but more 
importantly it showed me the last fetch it had done.  When I looked at 
the last email received I noticed its date was 23rd March (system 
clock on the senders computer incorrect?), it still hadn't dawned on 
me what had gone wrong at that time.

This morning I received my first email in 3 days and it was from the 
same person whose system clock was 1 month out - the date on this 
email, the 26th March! I tried sending myself an email, but didn't 
receive it at the Virtual RPC side of things.  I then tried something 
to prove a theory I had - I set the system clock on the PC 1 month 
ahead, therefore assuming a system date of 26th March.  Now back in 
VRPC I sent myself an email - lo and behold I received said email!

The system (I assume POPstar, but please tell me if I'm wrong) must 
know the date stamp of the last email received so when it goes to do 
its next fetch it doesn't bring back any emails earlier than the last 
one, which is what happened to me - my emails were correctly dated, 
but because I received an email with a date in the future all emails 
prior to that future date would not be fetched.

All emails sent from VRPC were received OK at the BTYahoo end of 
things on the PC so there must be a difference in the conditions for 
fetching emails for BTYahoo as opposed to VRPC, or Risc?

Can anybody enlighten me please? Is there a way to reset the date of 
the last fetched email so I can get back on track?  Failing that, if I 
don't receive any emails from my friend for a month things should sort 
themselves out!

I'm still pleased with Messenger Pro 4, just can't use it to its full 
potential!!  Thanks to Andrew for suggestions as to possible reasons 
why no emails were forthcoming.

Thanks also to John Sandford for his thoughts on the problem.



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