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  • Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 21:00:38 GMT

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> Guys,
> I'm doing a bit of web developing and need to generate a form that
> will ask the user specific information.  Nothing too mind blowing!
> Within the HTML I have the FORM and /FORM qualifiers with METHOD = GET
> and ACTION = (this is the bit I'm looking for!) but am not sure what
> to insert here.


> Does anybody know where this information might be readily available
> and is it a requirement to have your own domain, or can anyone with a
> little webspace have access to this wonderful code.
> Here's hoping,
> Bryan
Well on my domain the cgi-bin is accessible from the public-html area 
where I put html pages with a FTP client by going up one level and is 
part of my space on the server, not the servers cgi-bin which is not 
accessible, if I was using a windows server instead of a Linux server 
for my domain the cgi-bin would be in the Public-html area.

So if you dont have one in your webspace space you could just try 
putting a folder on your webspace called cgi-bin and see if you can 
put scripts in this and run them.


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