[hhrug] CGI-BIN and other things

  • From: bryanpage1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: hhrug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 18:55:35 GMT


I'm doing a bit of web developing and need to generate a form that 
will ask the user specific information.  Nothing too mind blowing!  
Within the HTML I have the FORM and /FORM qualifiers with METHOD = GET 
and ACTION = (this is the bit I'm looking for!) but am not sure what 
to insert here.

Looking through the many books I have on HTML I find that I need to 
enter something on the lines of 
http://mail.btinternet.com/cgi-bin/mailform, or something of that ilk, 
(the /cgi-bin/mailform coincides with David Snells advice in his 
WebWonder manual) so not knowing exactly what to insert I spent 
goodness knows how many hours trawling the internet to find 
information of any kind - all that I find is what I have read in my 
books, so...  Enter the "let's ask BT" mode, as David Snell says in 
his WebWonder book "You will need to check the script URL with your 
ISP." - good idea!  They seem to think that it's a secret and say they 
are not allowed to give it out, this was the offering after some 40 
minutes hanging on the phone from one of the techo bods who sounds as 
if he's reading from a script and doesn't know the answer, let alone 
being able to spell HTML!  I was advised by him that nobody in BT 
could give me that information and that there was no contact point in 
BT to deal with matters of this type, this was borne out last week 
when I received an email from the BT Help Desk telling me that the 
question was "too technical"!

Does anybody know where this information might be readily available 
and is it a requirement to have your own domain, or can anyone with a 
little webspace have access to this wonderful code.

Here's hoping,


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