[HFbeacons] BEACONS: Mobile From the Hilltop on 16 July

  • From: "W. Keith Hibbert" <wkhibbert@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2011 00:56:06 -0400

Hi, Keith here in Amherst, NY

My travels today took me 30 miles southeast of here to Wyoming County up in amongst the big wind farm there. Elevation was about 1700' ASL and the grid square is FN02tr in Sheldon, NY.

On the mobile between 1430Z and 1600Z on 16 July I copied the following:

28.2155  KD5CKP
28.2255  W2DLL
28.2318  N1FSX
28.2332  N2UHC
28.2432  W5BUB

28.2630  N5YEY
28.2691  W3HH

W2DLL was about 5 miles from me, POUNDING in needles to say. The only other signal that was strong was W5BUB, Bub was running a 579 and I copied the beacon most of the way back home from the hill.

Everything else, including the AM Freebanders was S-2 or lower.

Not a great day, but the band WAS open.  Can't go wrong there...

73, Keith, WB2VUO
Amherst, NY: Grid FN02ox

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