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Hi Guys,

I hope the break was good. I think we should get in touch soon as Yiqian pointed out (below email) about the fair on Jan 13th. Who was working on it? Also James wanted to let you know that ACC event (on this February 5th) registration is open now so we may try to get some members to join for it. Let me know your thoughts.



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From: Yiqian Li <yiqianli@xxxxxxx>
Date: 6 January 2010 10:10:18 PM PST
To: Tushar Bansal <bansaltusshar@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: About the involvement fair

Hi, Tushar

How is your Winter break?

I think it is time for us to prepare for the Fair on Jan.13th now.

Do you have some detail info about it? Like where exactly is the location of our group that day and so on?

I have though about what we need for the Fair as listed below:

1. More chairs, I remember they only provide one, right? (one more desk if possible, I'm not sure what the situation it will be. For the international student association orientation, it is allowed)

2. Posters about our organization
    Related materials like HIMSS...
    Application forms

3. Exhibition Board with our photoes and events we have hold or involved

4. May be some cookies...

How do you think about it?

Yiqian Li, MHA Candidate 2011
Alumni Chair Assistant, SHC
USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development

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