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TRICARE's Breast Pump Policy Updates Effective July 1


TRICARE's Breast Pump policy was recently updated to include coverage of breast
pumps and supplies and breastfeeding counseling. These supplies and services
will be retroactively covered as of December 19, 2014.

To get full details about this important benefit change, as well as an
opportunity to ask questions, TRICARE will host a Facebook Town Hall on June 22,
2015, 1:00 pm EDT. Ms. Bobbie Matthews, the Defense Health Agency's subject
matter expert with the Medical Benefits and Reimbursement Office, will be online
available to answer your questions directly.

Breastfeeding has long been a recommended healthy choice. The American Academy
of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months (for
most children) and continued breastfeeding for at least the first year as foods
are introduced. TRICARE's breastfeeding support benefit is considered to be
preventive care. Therefore, the equipment, supplies, and services covered under
this benefit are exempt from cost-shares and copays.

This coverage is for all pregnant TRICARE beneficiaries, as well as
beneficiaries who legally adopt and intend to personally breastfeed. To be
covered, the breast pump and supplies must be obtained from a TRICARE authorized
provider, supplier, or vendor. For manual or standard electric breast pumps and
associated supplies (includes breast pump kits), this includes any civilian
retail store or pharmacy. If you pay out of pocket for a covered breast pump,
you must submit a completed claim form with a copy of the prescription for the
breast pump along with your receipt for reimbursement.

Join us on <http://www.facebook.com/TRICARE> www.facebook.com/TRICARE, at 1:00
PM, Monday, June 22, to discuss the new policy. We look forward to your
participation and feedback.

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