[HEALTH.MIL] TRICARE is Minimum Essential Coverage (for ObamaCare)

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TRICARE is Minimum Essential Coverage 


The Affordable Care Act (
http://www.hhs.gov/healthcare/facts/timeline/index.html), also known as the
health care reform law (and ObamaCare), requires you to maintain basic health
care coverage-called minimum essential coverage. Beginning in 2014, if you don't
have minimum essential coverage (see
https://www.healthcare.gov/glossary/minimum-essential-coverage/), you'll have to
pay a fee (see  <https://www.healthcare.gov/glossary/fee/>
https://www.healthcare.gov/glossary/fee/) for each month you aren't covered. 


The TRICARE program is considered minimum essential coverage. If you're using
any of the following health plan options, you have the coverage required by the
health care reform law:


    . TRICARE Prime

    . TRICARE Prime Remote

    . TRICARE Prime Overseas

    . TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas

    . TRICARE Standard and Extra

    . TRICARE Standard Overseas

    . TRICARE For Life

    . TRICARE Reserve Select (if purchased)

    . TRICARE Retired Reserve (if purchased)

    . TRICARE Young Adult (if purchased)

    . US Family Health Plan

Additionally, you have minimum essential coverage if you are covered by either
of these transitional health plans:


    . Transitional Assistance Management Program (premium-free, 180 days)

    . Continued Health Care Benefit Program (if purchased, 18-36 months)


Health Insurance Marketplace

If you qualify for one of TRICARE's purchased plan options, you only meet the
requirements for minimum essential coverage if you purchase it.

Be sure to check that you're getting the most affordable coverage for you and
your family that best meets your needs. Compare TRICARE's purchased plan options
with your employer's health insurance or other civilian options offered through
the Health Insurance Marketplace at https://www.healthcare.gov/.


The Health Insurance Marketplace is a new way to find health coverage that fits
your budget and meets your needs. With one application, you can see all your
options and enroll. Open enrollment begins October 1, 2013 with coverage
beginning as early as January 1, 2014. 


    . Search online at https://www.healthcare.gov/ or call 1-800-318-2596 to
learn more.

Remember, most TRICARE health plan options already meet the requirements for
minimum essential coverage. 




SOURCE:  TRICARE article at
http://www.tricare.mil/Welcome/AboutUs/MEC.aspx?sc_database=web.  Last Updated




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