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TRICARE Set to Cover Laboratory Developed Tests

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Beginning in September, TRICARE will cover certain laboratory developed tests
under the Defense Health Agency Evaluation of Non-United States Food and Drug
Administration Approved Laboratory Developed Tests Demonstration Project. The
demonstration also allows TRICARE to cover approved laboratory developed tests
retroactively if the coverage guidelines for the specific test are met.

If a TRICARE beneficiary has paid for a laboratory developed test since Jan. 1,
2013, and it is now included in the demonstration, they may be eligible for
reimbursement. Beneficiaries will have to file a claim with their regional
contractor to receive payment. 

To find out which laboratory developed tests are covered, and which are eligible
for retroactive reimbursement, visit the  <http://www.tricare.mil/ldt> TRICARE
covered services section to see the full list. Most tests must be preauthorized
by the regional contractor before they can be covered. Tests approved for the
demonstration must be offered by an authorized provider.

The demonstration allows the Defense Department to perform its own evaluation of
a laboratory developed test, establish a list of these tests deemed safe and
effective, and establish a process to add new tests to that list. TRICARE will
maintain and publish a list of approved tests, and will continually update it as
new tests are reviewed and approved for coverage.



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