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TRICARE Service Center Walk-In Service Ending 

Walk-in service is ending at TRICARE Service Centers in the U.S. by April 1,

.             - TRICARE Service Centers are customer service outlets that are
operated by our regional contractors. 

.             - They are usually located in military hospitals and clinics. 

.             - Because our overseas areas are unique, walk-in service at
TRICARE Service Centers in all overseas areas
<http://www.tricare.mil/ContactUs/TSC/Overseas.aspx>  will continue.

To get your questions answered in the U.S., you'll no longer walk-in during
limited hours. Instead:

.             -  Go online, anytime-learn about your online customer service
options <http://www.tricare.mil/ContactUs/Login.aspx> 

.             -  Call <http://www.tricare.mil/ContactUs/CallUs.aspx>  toll-free 

.             - Try our mobile apps (see
sc_database=web and

.             - View News Article: "TRICARE Ends Walk-in Admin Services at 189
Facilities <http://www.defense.gov/News/NewsArticle.aspx?ID=121473> " (Note:
Article also provided below)

This change does not affect any TRICARE benefits or health care services.

Why the Change? 

Since the first TRICARE Service Center opened in the mid 1990's, we've seen a
shift in how you get information. With today's technology, anything you can do
at a TRICARE Service Center can be done online or over the phone.

Our goal is to improve the services that you prefer to use. This change in
walk-in service will save an estimated $250 million over the next five years,
letting us invest in the services you want instead of those you don't use.

To visit a TRICARE Service Center in the U.S. through March 31, 2014, select
your region to find one near you:

.             - North Region <https://hnfs.com/apps/tsclocator/default.aspx> 

.             - South Region

.             - West Region

Last Updated 1/13/2014 

SOURCE:  TRICARE News Release at http://www.tricare.mil/Home/ContactUs/TSC.aspx


TRICARE Ends Walk-in Admin Services at 189 Facilities

By Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Jan. 13, 2014 - TRICARE military health plan service centers will
end administrative walk-in services in the United States on April 1, Pentagon
officials said today. 

While the 189 facilities will stop taking walk-ins, beneficiaries can accomplish
any administrative task online or by phone, said Pentagon spokesman Army Col.
Steve Warren.

TRICARE service centers overseas are not affected, Warren said.

"The change will not - let me repeat that - will not affect any TRICARE medical
benefit or health care service," he emphasized. "What it will do is allow the
department to save $250 million over the next five years, allowing TRICARE to
invest in more important services."

Fifty percent of the visits to the centers are for in- and out-processing and
requests to change primary care providers, and the rest involve billing-related
questions, officials said. The Defense Department spends roughly $50 million a
year on these services, and this type of customer service can be handled more
efficiently by phone or online, they added.

TRICARE gets about 38,000 hits per day on its website. Officials have run tests
to ensure the website and call center can handle the expected increase in

The TRICARE service centers have been around since the 1990s, and contractors
staff them, Warren said. "This is being driven by the fact that technology has
gotten so much better," he added. Customers who need the type of assistance that
was being done in these walk-in service centers can quickly and efficiently
receive help online or via phone, he said.

SOURCE:  American Forces Press Service News Release at





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