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TRICARE Offers Transitional Health Care
By  Sharon Foster
TRICARE Management Activity
August 10, 2011 

When service members leave active duty, TRICARE offers a transitional health
care option for eligible beneficiaries and their families while they look for
new health coverage. 
Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP) is designed to extend TRICARE
eligibility for sponsors and their family who involuntarily separate from the
military prior to retirement. When separating from active duty, the sponsor and
family lose TRICARE eligibility. However, TAMP permits individuals in certain
categories to retain TRICARE coverage at no cost.
The beneficiary categories include:
o Sponsors involuntarily separated under honorable conditions 
o National Guard or Reservists members separated from the military, following an
active duty period of more than 30 consecutive days in support of a contingency
o Sponsors separated from the military, but involuntarily retained for reserve
o A sponsor who separates from active duty, following a voluntary agreement to
stay on active duty status for a period of less than one year 
o A sponsor who receives a sole survivorship discharge 
o A sponsor who is separated from active duty who agrees to become a member of
the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve of a reserve component 
A sponsor is not eligible for TAMP while on terminal leave, permissive temporary
duty or authorized excess leave.
To ensure continuity of coverage during the TAMP period, it is essential that
the beneficiary and family members information in the Defense Enrollment
Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) is current. Go to www.tricare.mil/deers to
update information. 
If a beneficiary qualifies, the 180-day TAMP period begins the day after the
date of separation from active duty. Under TAMP the sponsor and family members
are automatically covered under TRICARE Standard and Extra. If a beneficiary
lives overseas, he or she gets coverage under TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP)
Standard. During TAMP, the beneficiary and family members are covered as active
duty family members and all rules for that beneficiary category apply, including
any applicable deductibles, cost-shares and copayments. For program cost
information, visit www.tricare.mil/costs.
If a beneficiary is eligible for care under TAMP and has a newly diagnosed
medical condition that is related to active duty service, he or she may qualify
for 180 days of care for the specified service-related condition. For more
information, visit www.tricare.mil/tcsrc. 
During TAMP, dental care provided in military dental treatment facilities is on
a space-available basis. Visit the TRICARE Dental Program website for more
information at www.TRICAREdentalprogram.com.  To learn more about TAMP and
enrollment options, go to www.tricare.mil/tamp.

NOTE:  TRICARE, VA and other useful web site links are available at "Links for
MIL\RET\VETS" at www.hostmtb.org.

SOURCE:  TRICARE News Release at

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