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TRICARE Dental Program (TDP)

Effective May 1, 2012, MetLife will become the dental carrier for the TRICARE
Dental Program (TDP). MetLife will begin providing dental coverage to over 2
million family members of uniformed service active duty personnel, members of
the Selected Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve, their eligible family
members, and Survivors.  

Beneficiaries will have access to MetLife's network with over 161,000 dentist
access points, and this number continues to grow.

Changes to the TDP will include enhanced dental coverage at a lower premium
share than before. MetLife will distribute program information, provider network
details beginning in first quarter 2012. Highlights to the benefits and
enhancements are listed below:

o Coverage of posterior resin (tooth colored/white) fillings

o Increase in the annual maximum to $1,300 per enrollee (formerly this was

o Increase in the lifetime orthodontic maximum to $1,750

o $1,200 per year for services related to dental treatment due to an accident as
defined in the TDP handbook

o No cost shares for scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) for diabetics

o Coverage of an additional (3rd) cleaning for women during pregnancy

o Expansion of the survivor benefits to surviving spouse and child(ren)

If you would like to check to see if your dentist is already part of the MetLife
network, please go to http://www.metlife.com/TRICARE/index.html#welcome, click
"Find a Dentist" at the upper right-hand side of the web page and search for a
DPPO provider. If your dentist is not a member, dentists can easily request an
application on the MetLife website for dentists at http://www.metdental.com/.
Please note, claims will continue to be processed as they are now and changes in
the mailing address, claims processing, etc. will be provided in early 2012.

Additional information about the contract is available at
www.tricare.mil/TDPcontract and benefit updates are available at

PLEASE NOTE that the change to MetLife is for the TDP program only. The Active
Duty Dental Program will still be administered by United Concordia. 

More information about MetLife TDP is available at

SOURCE:  Metlife News Release at

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