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TRICARE Beneficiaries Reassured of Robust Pharmacy Service 
January 03, 2012
FALLS CHURCH, Va. - The expiration of the retail pharmacy contract between
Express Scripts, Inc. (ESI) and the Walgreens pharmacy chain means Walgreens is
no longer a TRICARE pharmacy network provider as of Jan. 1, 2012.
"The majority of beneficiaries have access to another network pharmacy very
close to home as our pharmacy contract requires ESI to maintain high access
standards," said Rear Adm. Thomas McGinnis, chief of the TRICARE Pharmaceutical
Operations Directorate. "There are still 56,000 network pharmacies nationwide -
easily meeting or exceeding our access requirements."
In addition to 56,000 network pharmacies, TRICARE beneficiaries have other
pharmacy options including military pharmacies at no cost and convenient TRICARE
Pharmacy Home Delivery. Generic medications are available at no cost through
Home Delivery.
Beneficiaries who use non-network pharmacies, including Walgreens, pay full
prescription costs upfront and submit their own claims for reimbursement.
Reimbursement will occur only after the non-network deductible is met.
Out-of-network costs include a 50 percent point-of-service cost share for
TRICARE Prime, after deductibles are met.  All other non-active duty TRICARE
beneficiaries pay the greater of a $12 copay or 20 percent of the total cost for
formulary medications and the greater of $25 or 20 percent of the total cost for
non-formulary medications, after deductibles are met.
For more on pharmacy costs go to www.tricare.mil/pharmacycosts.
TRICARE beneficiaries changing from Walgreens pharmacy can simply take their
current prescription bottle to their new network pharmacy to have the
prescription transferred. To find a nearby network pharmacy, use the "find a
pharmacy" feature on www.express-scripts.com/tricare.  Beneficiaries who want
help finding a pharmacy, changing their medications to Home Delivery or who have
other questions can contact Express Scripts at 1-877-885-6313.
The issues between ESI and Walgreens are not specific to TRICARE. Other
employer-sponsored and some Medicare Part D pharmacy plans are also affected.
Beneficiaries with questions and concerns about this issue can go to
www.tricare.mil/walgreens for more information.
"We are committed to ensuring all our pharmacy beneficiaries are aware of the
many options that TRICARE makes available to them," said Brig. Gen. Bryan
Gamble, TRICARE Deputy Director. "By now, all of our beneficiaries who use
Walgreens to fill prescriptions should have been contacted to advise them of
their pharmacy options and to take action to ensure their pharmacy benefit
remains uninterrupted. The health of our Service members, retirees and their
families remains my number one priority."
In addition to the letters already mailed to each beneficiary who uses
Walgreens, ESI has contacted many beneficiaries by telephone and followed up
with reminder letters over the last few months of 2011. Beneficiaries taking
medications to treat hemophilia, multiple sclerosis, and some rheumatoid
arthritis and cancer drugs have also been contacted.
TRICARE pharmacy information and updates can be found at

SOURCE:  TRICARE News Release at

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