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Retroactive Coverage Closing for TRICARE Young Adult

August 08, 2011
No. 11-50

FALLS CHURCH, Va. -The opportunity to purchase retroactive TRICARE Young Adult
(TYA) coverage expires on Sept. 30. Retroactive TYA provides coverage for young
adults back to Jan 1, or the day they became eligible if that was after Jan 1.
TYA allows eligible adult children to purchase TRICARE coverage after their
eligibility for "regular" TRICARE coverage ends at age 21 (or 23 if enrolled in
a full course of study at an approved institution of higher learning).
TYA-eligible beneficiaries may choose to purchase retroactive coverage if
they've had significant health care expenses that weren't covered by other
insurance. Once enrolled in TYA, beneficiaries may file a claim for
reimbursement of costs for covered care. Additionally, young adults in the
Continued Health Care Benefit Program (CHCBP) may elect to purchase retroactive
TYA coverage and receive a refund for their CHCPB fees. 
Those interested in purchasing retroactive TYA coverage must ensure their
application form is received by the regional or overseas health care contractor
by Sept. 30, 2011. All premiums - both retroactive and the initial three-month
payment - must be submitted with the application. The application and payment
can be dropped off at a TRICARE Service Center, or mailed or faxed to the
regional or overseas health care contractor.
To be reimbursed for covered services, receipts for care must be included when a
claim is filed.
TYA launched in May 2011, and has shown a steady increase in enrollment numbers.
As of July 31, almost 6,600 young adults have purchased TYA, which currently
offers TRICARE Standard coverage for $186 a month. To qualify for TYA, uniformed
services dependents must be under 26, unmarried and not eligible for their own
employer-sponsored health care coverage. 
A premium-based TRICARE Prime benefit is scheduled to be available later in
Before choosing to purchase TYA, beneficiaries should carefully consider all of
their health care coverage options and balance all the costs. Complete
information and application forms are available at http://www.tricare.mil/tya.

NOTE:  Link to the TYA web page and other useful links are available at the
"Links for MIL\RET\VETS" web site at http://www.hostmtb.org.

SOURCE:  TRICARE News Release at

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