[HEALTH.MIL] PCS Tips for TRICARE Overseas Beneficiaries Returning to the United States

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PCS Tips for TRICARE Overseas Beneficiaries Returning to the United States 


Preparing for a permanent change of station (PCS) move can be stressful; even
more so when the move is from overseas to the U.S. Since walk-in customer
service at TRICARE Service Centers (TSCs) ended April 1, beneficiaries moving
stateside should get familiar with TRICARE's self-service options, and make the
transition as easy as one.two.three.

Active duty service members and active duty family members moving from overseas
to the U.S. will transfer to TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Prime Remote. If you
walked into a TSC to handle this the last time you were stateside, you should
know that things have changed. Now you can transfer your TRICARE Prime options
via telephone by using "Moving Made Easy" - a program available only to active
duty families. The process is automated and hassle-free and in most cases, a new
enrollment form isn't necessary. 

Using "Moving Made Easy" is simple, just call your current (losing) contractor
and give them information about your upcoming move. Then the losing contractor
contacts your gaining contractor to begin the enrollment transfer. After that,
your new contractor will contact you within five days of your arrival date to
complete the process. It's that easy!

Overseas beneficiaries may be used to going to a TSC for TRICARE benefit help
and assistance. Beneficiaries returning to the states from overseas can now
manage their health care benefits 24/7 online via the links found in the "I want
to." section on TRICARE.mil. With "I want to." beneficiaries can access quick
links to secure login portals for more than a dozen customer service features.
Beneficiaries can:

*         Manage prescriptions 

*         Enroll in or purchase a plan 

*         Find a doctor 

*         Update personal information 

*         File or check on a claim 

*         Pay a bill 

*         Book appointments at a military hospital or clinic 

*         Change a primary care physician 

*         View military health records 

These self-service tools can help make your PCS move easier for the whole
family. To learn more about "Moving Made Easy" visit
<http://www.tricare.mil/moving> www.tricare.mil/moving. To access the "I want
to." portal, visit TRICARE's homepage at  <http://www.tricare.mil/>


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