[HEALTH.MIL] Military Health System Provides Easy Access to Behavioral Health Care for School-Age Children and Youth

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Military Health System Provides Easy Access to Behavioral Health Care for
School-Age Children and Youth 


Children and teens face normal anxieties because of their growth, development
and social needs. For military families, there is the added stress of
deployments, relocations and re-establishing family life in new communities. To
address these additional needs, the Military Health System provides easy access
to outpatient behavioral health care for children, teens and college students. 

Parents, teachers, and friends are often the first to observe behavioral
difficulties and can take the first steps to secure care. Don't wait for an
emergency situation. Getting behavioral health care is easy. For TRICARE Prime
beneficiaries, routine primary care appointments to assess behavioral health
must be offered within seven calendar days and within 30 minutes travel time of
beneficiaries' residences. Prime beneficiaries can use their primary care
manager (PCM); a mental health provider within their primary care clinic; or a
behavioral health care provider in the MTF or with their TRICARE-authorized
provider in the community.  Following the initial behavioral health assessment,
referrals for additional care are provided within four weeks or 28 days, unless
the referring provider determines more urgent care is needed.

All other beneficiaries can schedule an appointment with any TRICARE-authorized
provider. You don't need referrals for mental health care appointments; however,
after the eighth outpatient visit, you will need prior authorization.

If emergency care is required, beneficiaries should call 911 or visit the
nearest emergency room. Seek emergency care for a child or teen at risk of
hurting themselves or others; is experiencing life-threatening conditions or
abnormal behaviors; or is having an alcohol or drug overdose or significant

For an urgent care appointment, TRICARE Prime beneficiaries should first seek
urgent care services from their PCM. Nonemergency care is available within 24
hours and within 30 minutes travel time of the beneficiary's residence.  Parents
of college-age children should ensure that the Defense Enrollment Eligibility
Reporting System (DEERS) information is up-to-date and have a signed
"Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information" or DD Form 2870,
if  access is needed to their child's behavioral health information. For more
information about getting care, visit  <http://www.tricare.mil/mhcare>

Military families have many resources when looking for help. They can call
Military OneSource 24/7 and speak to a consultant. That number is
1-800-342-9647.  Beneficiaries can also call the Nurse Advice Line at
1-800-TRICARE (824-2273), and choose option 1. 

Access to care and TRICARE's behavioral health benefits focus on outpatient care
for families and take into account the severity of behavioral health conditions.
TRICARE's behavioral health providers offer individual, group, and family
counseling, psychological testing, medication management, and help with higher
levels of care, when needed. For more information about TRICARE's mental health
resources, visit  <http://www.tricare.mil/mentalhealth>
www.tricare.mil/mentalhealth.  To download the Behavioral Health Care Services
Fact Sheet, go to  <http://go.usa.gov/2PKF> http://go.usa.gov/2PKF. 


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