[HEALTH.MIL] Military Experts Urge Caution On Dietary Supplements

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Military Medical Experts Urge Caution On Dietary Health Supplements

25 February 2013


In an effort to adopt a healthier lifestyle, many people reach for nutrient-rich
vitamins, energy drinks and dietary supplements to pursue the goal of total
wellness. But there are health risks attached to taking dietary supplements,
especially for those with pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure or


While there is no single federal banned list of dietary supplements or
ingredients, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has found that many dietary
supplements-especially weight-loss, bodybuilding, and sexual-enhancement
products-may contain ingredients that could be harmful. In some cases,
ingredients in supplements may produce unwanted results in urinalysis testing as


The Department of Defense Human Performance Resource Center, OPSS: Operation
Supplement Safety (OPSS) webpage at
http://hprc-online.org/dietary-supplements/opss offers online information for
the military community about the safety of energy drinks and answers frequently
asked questions.  OPSS is a joint initiative between the Human Performance
Resource Center and the DoD to educate service members and retirees, their
family members, leaders, healthcare providers and DoD civilians about dietary
supplements and how to choose supplements wisely.


More information related to dietary supplements and drug testing is also
available on the Military Health System webpage at



Other Resources:


Department of Defense Human Performance Resource Center (HPRC)


HPRC Frequently Asked Questions About Dietary Supplements


Military Health System (MHS) http://www.health.mil/




SOURCE:  Army Public Health Weekly Update, 1 March 2013,




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