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MHS for Service Members, Retirees & Families

Active duty service members, retirees, and their families benefit every day from
the Military Health System's commitment to care. From online mental health
resources to research initiatives that determine health risks to the
communication efforts that inform on the most up-to-date medical news, the MHS
is an organization dedicated to keeping every current and retired service member
healthy and strong.

Quick Links

*        <http://www.tricare.mil/> TRICARE 
*        <http://www.tricare.mil/VLERHealth> Sharing my Medical Records 
*        <http://www.dcoe.health.mil/24-7help.aspx> 24/7 Help for PTSD/TBI 
*        <http://www.militaryonesource.com/> Military OneSource 
Wounded Warrior Care 
*        <http://www1.va.gov/health/> Veterans Health Care

Use the links below to take advantage of your military health benefits. Get the
care you need and deserve!

Getting Your TRICARE Benefits

*       TRICARE Benefit Information <http://www.tricare.mil/>  
*       TRICARE Dental Programs
*       TRICARE Pharmacy Program
*       Access DEERS (TRICARE eligibility)
*       Find a Military Treatment Facility (MTF) <http://www.tricare.mil/mtf>  
*       Contact TRICARE <http://www.tricare.mil/contactus/>  
*       TRICARE Resources Fact Sheet (PDF)

Mental and Behavioral Health Care

 <http://www.dcoe.health.mil/24-7help.aspx> 24/7 Help for PTSD and TBI -
24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week outreach center for information and resources
about psychological health, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and traumatic
brain injury (TBI).

 <http://www.health.mil/InTransition/default.aspx> inTransition - inTransition
is a voluntary program to support you as you move between health care systems or
providers if you are currently receiving mental health care. A personal coach,
along with resources and tools, will help you during this transition period.
You'll have what it takes to make your transition a success.

TRICARE Mental Health Coverage - TRICARE covers the following mental and
behavioral health care services for all beneficiaries:

Visit TRICARE for a more comprehensive list of Mental Health Resources

*       Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Care 
*       Family Therapy 
*       Psychological Testing 
*       Psychotherapy 
*       Partial Hospitalization 
*       Residential Treatment Center Care 
*       Telemental Health 
*       Treatment for Substance Use Disorders 

Find more resources by theme:

*       Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness <http://www.health.mil/tbi>  
*       Mental Health <http://www.health.mil/mentalhealth>  
*       Suicide Prevention Awareness <http://www.health.mil/suicideprevention>  

Wounded Warrior Care

Click here for more information on MHS, Service and Veterans Wounded Warrior

More Resources

 <http://www1.va.gov/health> Veterans Health Care (VA) - VA health benefits are
open to all Veterans. Family members may also be eligible to receive benefits.

 <http://www1.va.gov/health/> Transition Assistance Program - Help and resources
for service members and families making the switch from military to civilian
life. Available to all active duty and Guard/Reserve personnel and their

 <http://www.militaryonesource.com/> Military OneSource - Military OneSource
helps you with just about any need - education, relocation, parenting, stress,
and much more. Available by phone or online, service is provided free for
active-duty, Guard, and Reserve service members and their families.

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