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The "Links for MIL\RET\VETS" web site is available at http://www.hostmtb.org.
This web site is intended to serve as a "one-stop" resource for active duty and
Reserve Component personnel, retired military personnel, veterans, family
members, and other interested personnel to use to access online services
provided by TRICARE, TRICARE for Life, Medicare, Veterans Administration and
other related agencies.  (The web site only contains web site links and options
to join\leave the HEALTH.MIL and TFL mailing lists.)

Please visit the "Links for MIL\RET\VETS" web site at http://www.hostmtb.org.
This non-profit web site is still a "work in progress."  Please let me know if
there any other links that should be added, etc.  Also, please let me know if
you encounter any broken links.

NOTE For personnel on Army posts:  U.S. Army regulation blocks hyperlinks in
emails from being active. If you are unable to connect to
http://www.hostmtb.org, please copy and paste the web site address to the
address line of your web browser to access the web site. (Make sure that you do
not copy and paste the word "blocked" that gets added as a prefix to the web

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Milton Bell

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