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The U.S. Army health promotion and wellness web site "Hooah4Health" is available
at http://www.hooah4health.com/.

Unlike other health-related web sites, the Hooah4Health web site is specifically
designed for Reserve Components personnel. Citizen Soldiers juggle many
different balls every day...but they cannot afford to drop the one ball that
allows them to live a healthier, less stressful life. Hooah4Health is a health
promotion partnership that allows individuals to assume the responsibility to
explore options and take charge of their health and well being. 

At your leisure, suggest you visit the Hooah4Health web site at
http://www.hooah4health.com/.  The hearty "HooAhh" that sounds off when you
connect to the site may make your day.  ;-)

NOTE:  A Link to the Hooah4Health web site and other useful web site links are
available at the "Links for MIL\RET\VETS" web site at http://www.hostmtb.org.

Thank you,

Milton Bell
Mailing List Mgr

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