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Going Paperless With The TRDP

Enrollees in the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP) can now sign up for
paperless Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements (see NOTE below). Instead of
mailing enrollees a paper EOB, Delta Dental will send an email alert whenever a
new statement becomes available-and enrollees can access and view their EOBs
online through the self-service Consumer ToolkitR, at their convenience. 

There are many reasons to sign up for paperless EOBs. Paperless EOBs are:

o Convenient: Enrollees are notified by email as soon as a new claim has been
processed and can view their processed claim information immediately instead of
waiting for their paper EOB to arrive in the mail.

o Clutter-free: Enrollees will not have any more papers to keep track of or

o Secure: Electronic records are maintained and available to the enrollee for
seven years.

o Good for the environment: Electronic EOBs reduce paper waste and the emissions
that go along with printing and mailing paper copies.

Signing up for paperless EOBs is easy.  The enrollee simply logs on to the
Consumer ToolkitR at http://ddfgptoolkits.com/ipWeb/appmanager/ct/desktop, then
selects the "Go Paperless" option. 

Enrollees who have not yet registered to use the Consumer ToolkitR can visit the
"Current Enrollee" section of the website at http://trdp.org/enr/index.html,
select "Manage Your Benefits Online" at the top right-hand side of the page, and
follow the instructions to register as a new user; then, all they have to do is
log on to the toolkit using their new username and password, and select the "Go
Paperless" option. Once enrollees receive an email notification that a claim has
been processed, they just click on the link in the email and log on to the
Consumer ToolkitR to view their latest EOB. 

Those who are not yet enrolled in the TRDP can enroll online at
http://trdp.org/pro/enroll.html and provide their email address to receive their
new enrollee Welcome Packet materials and future EOB statements electronically,
as well.

In addition to this new paperless EOB feature, the TRDP already offers enrollees
the ability to view and print program materials and forms; receive monthly and
quarterly program updates via email; contact Delta Dental electronically by
completing the online Customer Service Inquiry Form, and receive a prompt
response to their inquiry by email; locate a network dentist using the online
Dentist Directory; and manage their TRDP enrollment using the myriad of
self-service options available through the TRDP website, automated telephone
system, and Consumer ToolkitR. 

NOTE:  Only the subscriber or primary enrollee can sign up for electronic
Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements. All EOB statement notifications for
all family members enrolled under the subscriber or primary enrollee will be
sent to the subscriber or primary enrollee's email address.

SOURCE:  Delta Dental News Release.  
Tammy Hunter | Manager, Marketing and Communications | thunter@xxxxxxxxx |
office  715-824-2959 | fax 715-824-2998
Delta Dental of California Federal Government Programs
11155 International Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA, 95670
We keep you smilingR | http://trdp.org

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