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Exciting changes ahead for TRDP!

Delta Dental of California will continue administering the TRICARE Retiree
Dental Program (TRDP) under a new five-year contract effective January 1, 2014
through December 31, 2018. 

To maintain coverage in the Enhanced and Basic TRDP under the new contract,
enrollees do not need to take any action. Below are a few program enhancements
for the Enhanced program that take effect on January 1, 2014: 

.         An increase in TRICARE's annual maximum amount for covered services
for each person enrolled, to $1,300 per year 

.         An increase in the annual maximum amount for dental accident coverage
for each person enrolled, to $1,200 per year 

.         An increase in the lifetime orthodontic maximum amount for each person
enrolled, to $1,750 

.         A third cleaning covered for children and adults with diagnosed type 1
or type 2 diabetes 

For enrollees in the Basic TRDP under the new contract, they too do not need to
take any action to remain enrolled. There have been no changes other than the
coverage year made to the Basic TRDP benefit design.

Please note that the TRDP coverage year for both the Enhanced and Basic TRDP
will now run from January 1 through December 31. Enrollees' out-of-pocket
deductibles and covered services annual maximums will restart every January 1.
Enrollees will maximize their TRDP savings, when they visit one of Delta
Dental's 200,000 TRDP network locations nationwide. (The average savings when
going to a network provider is 22%!) Enrollees are encouraged to find a network
dentist, and can do so by simply visiting the Dentist Directory
<http://www.trdpnetwork.org/> . 

Enrollees don't have to worry about their TRDP enrollment card either as it is
still valid. Enrollment cards are not required when they visit their dentist. If
enrollees would like a replacement enrollment card just for information
purposes, they can request one through the Defense Manpower Data Center's (DMDC)
Beneficiary Web Enrollment site, at http://tricare.mil/bwe, or request an
enrollment card through the Online Customer Service Inquiry form link
<http://www.trdp.org/customer-inquiry.html>  and select the "request an
enrollment card option." 

Delta Dental will now access the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
(DEERS) to verify eligibility and enrollment in the TRDP. It is important
enrollees keep their information for each family member up to date in DEERS to
avoid any claims processing delays. Enrollees can update their information at

Last but not least-everyone will notice a decrease in their monthly premium, due
to Delta Dental's expansion of the TRDP dentist network; and increased
efficiencies in administering the TRDP, such as government-mandated allotments
from retirement pay and, for those who do not receive retirement pay, electronic
funds transfer (EFT) or the option to set up recurring credit card payments for
those not in position to establish an EFT. 

NOTE:  Locate the nearest TRDP dentist at  <http://www.trdpnetwork.org/>

Posted: December 18, 2013

SOURCE:  TRDP article posted on TRICARE website at


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