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Army Medicine Secure Messaging Service (AMSMS)
The U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) is implementing use of the Army Medicine
Secure Messaging Service (AMSMS) by offering it to 100 percent of beneficiaries
who receive care in the direct care system by the end of 2014. Secure messaging
is a commercial web-based secure platform that provides a robust set of services
designed to allow patients and their healthcare team to communicate privately at
times and locations that are convenient. This secure platform works very much
like an on-line secure banking web site.
In 2012 (Phase 1), Army Medicine issued nearly 2,000 AMSMS licenses to
healthcare providers at 48 military treatment facilities. Over the next 24 to 36
months, it will complete issuance of over 5,000 additional licenses to primary
and specialty care clinics. Similarly, the other branches of military service
are also executing the same secure messaging capability across their treatment
facility network. This secure messaging capability will, for the first time,
provide patients the ability to communicate directly with their provider and
care teams and allow care teams a two-way flow of communication with individual
patients or groups of patients. If patients want to know if their primary care
provider is using the system they can check with their MTF primary care clinic
to find out.
Army Medicine's goal is to implement AMSMS to all beneficiaries who receive care
in the direct care system by the end of 2014. In 2013, AMSMS will enter Phase 2
of this project. Delivery will be focused on any primary care facility that did
not receive AMSMS in 2012. During Phase 2, secure messaging service delivery
will also be expanded to specialty care such as Orthopedics, OB/GYN, etc. 

AMSMS is an easy to use secure communication tool that has the potential to
significantly impact care to beneficiaries by engaging them in convenient ways
and times to build relationships, improve access to information and reduce the
need for so many visits to their primary care clinic. Secure messaging is a
critical tool in helping Army Medicine achieve the Quadruple AIM of improving a
patient's experience and improving population health and readiness while
reducing per capita costs.

Extract from Army Medicine Secure Messaging Service article at

"With online services from Army Medicine Secure Messaging Service (AMSMS),
patients will be able to; book appointments, request and review lab/test
results, request medication refills, request a referral, email their physician a
question and schedule web visits with their provider. Additionally patients will
have access to a fully integrated electronic personal health record and a robust
set of multi-media educational content through the AMSMS.
To register for online services, beneficiaries should visit with their
healthcare team administrator or call their primary care clinic for more

Other Resources: 
Army Medicine website at http://www.armymedicine.mil/
Army Medicine Secure Messaging Service article at

SOURCE:  US Army Stand-To! Newsletter, 18 December 2012, at

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