[HEALTH.MIL] Armed Forces Blood Program Targets Blood Needs Of The Combat Warrior

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Armed Forces Blood Program Targets Blood Needs Of The Combat Warrior 

Falls Church, Va., February 13, 2012-The Armed Forces Blood Program is calling
for just the right type!  

A person's blood group is distinguished by the presence or absence of different
markers or antigens on the red cells which lead to four different blood
groups-A, B, AB and O. The presence or absence of another antigen, the d
antigen, combined with the blood group determines a person's blood type.  In
order to ensure a successful transfusion the recipient and the donor must have
compatible blood, and that's where you come in!  

"We sometimes ask for specific blood types for specific products to ensure we
manage blood needs efficiently," said Col. Ronny Fryar, director of the Army
Blood Program.  "It also helps us make sure we inform donors whose blood type
might make them fantastic donors for a specific product, like plasma or
platelets. Our ultimate goal is efficient use of resources and good
communication with our dedicated donors to let them know what type of donation
fits their type."

When an ill or injured service member, veteran or family member requires a large
amount of blood, routine inventory can quickly become depleted.  In order for
the Armed Forces Blood Program to ensure a certain blood type is available to
continue to save lives, program leaders will occasionally send out a specific
call for help. That is why we're letting donors know that you may hear a call
for a specific blood type at your nearest Armed Forces donor center. 

Different blood types are sometimes better suited for certain types of
donations.  For example, Type O donors are in high demand for whole blood
donations, while Type A donors sometimes fit better into plasma or
plateletpheresis programs, and Type AB donors fit better in the plasma programs.
Most of the Army Blood Program blood donor centers collect whole blood,
platelets and plasma, so by using the online registration system, you'll know
exactly when and where your type is up and when you can donate again!  

Ready to join us in saving lives? Contact your local Armed Forces Blood Program
blood donor center or visit our website at
http://www.militaryblood.dod.mil/Donors to schedule your appointment today. 

NOTE:  To view a complete listing of all the blood donor centers' contact
information, please go to

Check out our website, www.militaryblood.dod.mil, for articles and information,
or chat with us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/militaryblood,
if you have questions or comments, or need to know which blood types we need
now.  We love to hear from our donors. 

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SOURCE:  US Army News Release at http://www.army.mil/article/73410/


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