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See you soon Gerard!   

     On Tuesday, March 24, 2015 6:23 PM, Gerard Torres 
<gerard1068.gt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Really nice coordinated. Will definitely participate in any of these Event, 
just got recover and release from my chiropractor from my car accident, now we 
are  in the process of moving but will try if not busy to participate, Jonah. 
Will see U son, Bro!

On Tuesday, March 24, 2015, Jona Sabino <jona.sabino@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks Richard!  See you on Saturday!
- Jonah 

     On Monday, March 23, 2015 1:00 PM, Richard Marshall 
<urbandesign.ram@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 wow you guys covered a lot!  great work!  wish i could have been there!
On Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 6:09 PM, Glenn Munlawin <munlawin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Art - Capo has been chasing us and looks like they might give a discount. 
Defeet, Sock Guys, etc we might have to start on top ;-)

> On Mar 22, 2015, at 6:07 PM, Art Cor <sk8r_art@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Get socks made by Defeet or Sock Guys.
> Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2015 17:12:44 -0700
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> ​
> What's up Fellas!
> Here is a recap of our discussion yesterday,  Thanks again to everyone who 
> came!
> - Organized rides (i.e. Marin Century & Grizzly Peak Century):  We will have 
> 4 organized rides per year, 1 ride per quarter where we can try to represent 
> as a big group.  We will start on the 3rd quarter for this year, where Andy 
> and Darren will research and pick out 3 rides for their designated quarter.  
> I will post their ride research on the FB group as a poll for us to vote on 
> which ride we prefer.  Local rides are preferable and reasonably priced for 
> what the ride offers.  We want to limit these rides we pick as Metric 
> Centuries.
> - Bike the Bridges Charity Ride by Hercules Police Dept - We will plan to 
> represent at this local ride.  Fund raising for the Special Olympics.  Will 
> be on June 14, 2015.
> - Kit Reorder - A reminder that order deadline is May 17th.
> - 4th of July Expo for the Hercules Dynamite 5K - We plan to participate at 
> this years expo, if the price remains the same at $25 and also volunteer to 
> help out with the 5K event.
> - HCC Swap Meet - Let's plan on selecting someones garage during the Hercules 
> city wide garage sale on April 25th.  We can bring all our extra bike stuff 
> that we can either sell to each other or to people that stops by during the 
> garage sale.
> - HCC Summer BBQ - We plan to have our annual anniversary BBQ in August.
> - HCC Polka dot climbers jersey - we will hold off on this project
> - HCC Time Trial - Glenn spear heading this event.  This will be held late 
> spring.  Details to follow from Glenn. Another great way to measure and 
> improve our performance.  Exciting!
> - Capo - We will inquire about designing socks for HCC.
> - SNG Sundays - Show and Go Sundays are non sanctioned club rides, purely as 
> a recovery ride where guys can just show up and pick out a route they want to 
> do that morning and go.  First show and go will be Sunday, April 29th.
> - Dynamite rides as we would call it or (HOP) We will announce that there is 
> going to be a dynamite ride pace  once we confirm a dynamite pace leader for 
> that weekend ride.  First dynamite pace tentatively is  April 11th.  To roll 
> out at 8:30 am.  B group rolls out at 8:00 am.   Dynamite pace is fast with 
> no regroups, if one gets dropped, they have the option to fall back on the B 
> group.
> - Ride Recaps -  We want to open doing the ride write ups to everyone to see 
> everyone's perspective.  If a member would like to do a write up, simply 
> inform Jonah, Chris, or Andy during the ride and e-mail us the write up later 
> that day.
> - MTB rides - We are looking to build our Mtb group as we need a co-Mtb Ride 
> Coordinator  to help out Adrian Guevara facilitate and pick out the mtb 
> routes.   Will announce on FB to check for members who are interested in 
> taking on the role.
> - Midweek rides - We will start up the Mid-week rides again, first week of 
> May on Wednesday at 6:00pm
> - HCC Tracker program - Our Web Design, Darren will be working on a way for 
> our significant others to locate us via GPS to know where we are during the 
> ride, for safety reasons.
> Looks like another exciting year for HCC!  Thanks for everyone's input, time, 
> and effort!  Appreciate y'all in helping create and build a great cycling 
> culture in our club.  Kudos to all!
> Cheers,
> Jonah

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