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What's up HCC,

Please see e-mail below. Let's show our support!



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From: Kent and Ann Moriarty <kentnann@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 2:09 PM
Subject: support for sharrows on Pinole Valley Rd
To: "herculescyclingclub@xxxxxxxxx" <herculescyclingclub@xxxxxxxxx>

Hoping you will share the following with your club email list! Thanks for
helping move Pinole along...

My husband Kent and I live in Pinole and are working with the Pinole
transportation committee to encourage the city to install sharrows on
Pinole Valley Road between Pinole Valley High school and San Pablo Avenue.
We'd love your support in this. If you could send a one-two sentence email
stating that you ride Pinole Valley Road and sharrows would contribute to
safety for cyclists, that would be great. We'll bring a stack of your
emails to the city to show how many cyclists use this route.

Our email is kentnann@xxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks so much for your support in this!

-Ann and Kent Moriarty

You can also send a hard copy to 2699 Samuel Street, Pinole, CA 94564 or
contact us at 510.741.7093

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