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  • Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2016 12:16:35 -0700

Many thanks for the update Christo,

All invited speakers have now submitted their title and we will start preparing the sessions shortly based on those. You can find all the titles on the google doc we use for the draft agenda here:


Feel free of course to propose sessions based on those or edit directly the google doc.

It would also be very helpful if you will all start submitting your abstracts using the EasyChair abstract submission system as soon as you can so we can start populating the sessions too.

Christo, it would be nice to post the titles of all the invited speakers on the conference web site on first chance as well.



On 7/12/2016 1:05 AM, Christos Ouzounis wrote:

Hi everyone

An update on the HBio conference & society

*1. Web site: *As you have seen, we now have a pretty well-established web site for the society, including the conference speakers' list and announcement.
We have also secured the HBio.info domain name for the society – reads: Hellenic Bio.info – despite the provisional name, it sort of works now for most of us.
Thanks to all who provided feedback, Panteris for setting up the emailing list, please subscribe as per instructions, if you have not done so.

*2. Registration system: * also ready for release (we should be using Regonline.com <http://Regonline.com/>, in all likelihood). The only thing holding it back is getting a new bank
account for the society which has complications (the accountant is looking into this). Participants could be using credit card or direct deposit for registration.
We have thought to set the following prices (please send feedback if there are other suggestions:
- Invited speakers: free registration
- Regular participants: 40 Euro (including all organizers, as minimum – if you wish to contribute more, please do)
- Student: 20 Euros
- Sponsors (i.e. industrial participants): 500 Euros

Also we suggest waiving the society subscription fees for the first year, allowing people to become members if they pay the conference fee and they have the
support from two society members, as in the statutes.

*3. Abstract submission system: *also ready to go, thanks to Promponas (EasyChair). You will soon receive a mail from EasyChair, if you haven't already.
Ouzounis will be updating the conference web site with the abstract submission information soon.

*4. Agenda:* Kyrpides is gathering titles of the talks of the 16 invited speakers, and based on those we can organize the sessions (hopefully in the next couple
of weeks). We should all be checking the google doc with the agenda and provide feedback. The goal is to have the preliminary agenda with the titles of all
invited speakers and all sessions ready within the next 2 weeks, before the end of July. Then we can post and we can fill the remaining slots with the submitted
abstracts. Invited talks get 30 mins all other talks 15 mins. Anyone who would like to present, should submit an abstract and be prepared to give a 15 min talk.

*5. Funding and Budget:* Vizirianakis is coordinating, and looking for funding, any help is of course welcome. Our estimate is that we 'll need around 10,000 Euros
to be comfortable with the organization and also cover the hotel expenses of all invited speakers. We don't need to cover anyone's travel expenses.

*6. Elections: *We suggest setting an electronic system upfront (proposal). This way members that won't be able to participate in the conference can also vote
remotely (they will need to subscribe with 40 Euros first). We have set up a test voting system using Ballotbin (ballotinbin.com <http://ballotinbin.com/>). The candidates are added for
now only as a test, so don't be alarmed if you see your name there. The way that this works, is that the admin of the system (currently Kyrpides) is setting the time
frame of elections (can be a few hrs or several days, no limit really). Then all candidate names are added as well as voter emails. New emails can be added at
any time if new members are added during the process. Each voter then receives by email a unique link for voting. This cannot be passed to others. The results
can be made available to everyone at the end of the election period. If any of you don't receive a message by next week, please let Kyrpides (nckyrpides@xxxxxxx <mailto:nckyrpides@xxxxxxx>) know.
This is only for testing at this point to make sure everything works fine. If there are disagreements on the method or system of voting, please voice your opinion.

*7. HBio Board nominations:* For good reason, Kyrpides & Ouzounis will not be candidates for the Board. Hopefully others will be willing to participate. The
board needs to have 7 members and ideally at least three should be female. We should also try to have as wide geographic coverage and interdisciplinary
background as possible. If anyone is interested please come forward.
We will also need an elections committee (ideally 3 members) which will have control of the electronic process (and access to the ballotibin) to ensure everything
is working properly. This committee will also announce the results during the conference. Everyone who has voted will be able to see the results however at the
end of the elections period. Kyrpides & Ouzounis are happy to be on the election committee and help in this process if there are no objections. We will need one
more person, who cannot be a candidate for the Board.

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